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December 2008
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December 2008 Issue

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Edition: Vol 16 Number 12

The Post Dot-Com Sales Rep
Web-based shopping may be on the rise, but relationships are stronger than ever.

The Customer's Voice

Ask the expert

Friends and Family Plan

An Endearing Spirit
PWH creates Spirit Award in memory of Jana Quinn.

HIDA 2008 MedSurg Conference & Expo
Staph Meeting Talk to your accounts about infection control. They'll appreciate it.

A Lot in Life
Circumstances led Jack Sevilla from medical school to factory work to medical sales, but he remained grateful for what - and who - he had in his life.

Special Forces Negotiations
How negotiation skills can be your most powerful weapon on the battlefield.

Battling Burnout
What leads to sales burnout, and what managers can do to help their reps avoid it.

A Better Tomorrow
Ways to win more business in 2009

Windshield Time

A Fair Shake
Summa Health System gives vendors a chance to win its business, and rewards those that stand out from the crowd.

A Customer in Need
Ambulatory surgery centers face a tough market, and reps can help.

POL Series - Part 3
A Tale of Two Labs Two lab managers make a case for the important role distributor reps play in their office lab setup.

Getting Crafty with Equipment
When the economy is tight, distributor reps look for creative ways to service their long-term-care customers.

EOL Tech Talk: A1c Testing
A1c Testing

The Boxing Tenor
One rep finds solace in sport and song.

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