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July 2006
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July 2006 Issue

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Edition: Vol 14 Number 07

Back to School
How distributor reps can help pediatricians make the grade.

Panic or Prudence?

Ask the Expert

Twelve-Percent Solution
Service, adaptability and finding niches spell success for Medico-Mart.

Account Balance
Novation med/surg agreements seek to balance needs of members with those of distributors.

Fielding a Dream
Industry veteran DeWight Titus takes a swing at owning a minor league baseball team.

An Oregon Trailblazer
Robert Altstock’s vision for hospital suppliers is evident in today’s industry.

Make Your Own Magic
Dreaming big at the 2006 StarLine Sales and Marketing Conference.

Let the Magic Begin
Purchase orders, awards and beach wear at the CIDA Expo 2006.

The Economics of Better Patient Care

The Road Ahead

Critical Conditions
IMCO panel discusses a higher acuity level for today’s long-term-care customer.

Guaranteed Winners
Are you a “five-star” vending machine?

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive-related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Rolling Stones
Riverside Health System maintains momentum to stay current with GPO contracting trends.

It's Elementary
For pediatricians, it’s about balancing quality, accessibility and cost.

Young Patients, Big Concerns

New Spin on Vaccines
Pediatricians target a new segment of children to receive vaccines.

Healthy Hands
Good hand hygiene is a simple but effective way of reducing infections.

People News


Yin and Yang
Jerry Dellinger is sales rep by day, woodworker by night.

A Thorough Pedigree
What you need to know about state drug pedigree programs.

New Products


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