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April 2004
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April 2004 Issue

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Edition: Vol 12 Number 04

In His blood
Former PSS President Doug Harper now owns his own golf course, blending his love of golf with entrepreneurship.

Living the Dream
Preparation for this golf-themed issue generated lots of stories from our readers – and staff – indicating that golf is a popular activity for many in the industry. This made it easy for the editors of Repertoire to get Brian Taylor to write his publisher’s letter before the deadline for a change.

Down Home
The new owners of Medical Outfitters hope to balance company growth with a personal touch for their customers.

HIDA Launches New Services for Members

Moore’s Mating Dance Turns into a Marathon

People News

Process Is Everything at Beaumont Hospitals

What Your Customers Are Itching to Know: Infection Control
Answers to commonly asked questions.

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and FAQs

Hand-washing Guidelines Affect Sales

Hip Eye for the Sales Guy
Is your inner peacock just dying to shake its plumes?

Success Is a Choice Your Choice
Discover Your Sales Strengths: A Book Review

Leadership Has Many Faces
Which one are you wearing?


Different Strokes

Are Reverse Auctions a Nail in the Coffin of Buyer-Seller Relationships?
GPOs say that reverse auctions merely speed up the contracting process. But manufacturers anticipate more dire consequences.

Troponin Biomarker Marks Advances in Diagnosing Cardiac Arrest
Troponin biomarker provides your hospital customers with a more accurate tool for diagnosing acute myocardial infarction.

Kidney Test Could Open up Market

Avoid Making These 7 Financial Assumptions

New Products


Forty Years Ago
From the pages of the ASTA Journal.

$128 Question

Courage Is When You Have Choices

Heared on the Street
Although this issue is dedicated to the game of golf, another sport deserves attention, too. Baseball begins this month! Here’s what some folks have had to say about the sport through the years.