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May 2003
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May 2003 Issue

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Edition: Vol 11 Number 05

Any Which Way You Can

People News

Publisher's Letter
The Relationship Cycle

Tony Oglesby’s Long-Term Outlook
Gulf South tackles tough problems and anticipates a strong future

Moore Medical Is a Kid at Heart
New niches and marketing methods characterize this company despite its age.

Medline Launches Activity-based Program

Telemedicine Venture poised for growth
PDSHeart has received JCAHO accreditation and continues to grow rapidly.

Strategies for the Jungle IMCO’s national sales meeting

HIDA news

StarLine Conference Working Together To Get the Job Done

Three Manufacturers Honored by HIDA Members

The Ninth Time Management Secret:
nurture helpful relationships

Shut Up, Listen Up:
Eternal Lessons for Sales Training

Learning Isn't Just for Rookies
Cardinal Health rolls out its continuing education program.

Selling to Surgery Centers
Distributor reps find a new sales niche as freestanding surgery centers take off.

Surgical Hospitals Vie for Surgery Center Business
Who says inpatient care is on the outs?

Heeere's HIPAA
Distributor reps and physicians continue to grapple with the do's and don'ts of HIPAA

GPO's Top Challenges
In this exclusive excerpt from the new white paper, “The Impact of Group Purchasing on the Financial Prospects of Health Systems,” written by healthcare strategist Lynn James Everard from V.I.P.E.R. Group, Everard offers 15 challenges group purchasing organizations face in to providing value to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Repertoire presents five of them here.

Holter "To Go"
Ambulatory heart monitor provides round-the-clock record of activity.

New Products

Forty Years Ago

$128 Question

Trained to Succeed

Visualize Your Success