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March 2003
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March 2003 Issue

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Edition: Vol 11 Number 03

Light at the End of the Tunnel
GPO executives believe the travails of the past year will ultimately benefit GPOs, providers and suppliers alike.

People News

Publisher’s Letter March Repertoire

Hospital Network Tries Self-Distribution
Mercy executives report new system yields cost-savings, high service levels.

New Order Entry System for Cardinal’s MD Customers
Online ordering made quick and easy.

IMDA Conference
Four Days into the Future

Everyday People, Everyday Business
Steve Skoronski believes the success of his national distributor stems from relationship-driven business.

Promotions Spice Up the Selling Season

Taking the ‘Me’ Out of Sales
Two reps find that successful selling is not about them, but what’s best for the customers.

How to Sell More When Others Are Selling Less

Designing a Compensation Plan for Distributor Salespeople

Speaking of Promotions

Medicaid Survival
Plummeting state revenues means more bad news for Medicaid.

CRP Testing for Coronary Heart Disease
The C-reactive protein test becomes accepted as an indicator of increased risk for heart disease.

Stays Cool
No longer in a race for hospital customers, Neoforma deepens offerings for suppliers.

Vital Signs Monitors
Portability, flexibility and connectivity are key selling points.

Blood Pressure Is on the Rise
The debate over mercury devices continues.

New Products

Forty Years Ago
From the pages of the ASTA Journal

$128 Question

When Conventional Wisdom Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Pain in the Workplace