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September 2002
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September 2002 Issue

Magazine Cover

Edition: Vol 10 Number 09

Disease Management Selling:
Propaganda or Panacea?

People News

Corless Takes Simple Approach to Heading Up PSS

Long Term Care:
Who's Going to Foot the Bill?

Medicaid underfunding and a possible Medicare cut puts the squeeze on LTC.

E-Commerce In Year 3:
How Far Have We Really Come?

Only in Chicago
Harris Hospital Supply shows that family-owned distributors are more than just a memory.

Insurance Companies
Play Catch-Up

Socked by plummeting investments, product liability insurers are making life difficult for medical suppliers and their agents.

A Broad Approach to
Materials Management

Broadlane grows from GPO to cost management company.

Becoming a Great Follower

New Manufacturers and Distributors
Need to Recruit Each Other

One Man’s Junk Is Another
Man’s Treasure

Palm Tree Group is all about overstock.

Is Supply Chain Management a
‘C’-Worthy Enterprise?

For these four provider executives, the answer is “yes.”

Healthcare Helping Healthcare
LABSCO’s Brad Thompson plans cross-country bike trip to raise money for cancer research.

Honor Thy GPO Contract
Readers help draft a code of conduct for manufacturers and suppliers.

It’s About Business--
Forget the Nonsense Talk About
Ethics, Honesty and Character

Influenza Update
Through information, diagnostics and vaccines, individuals arm themselves for the 2002-2003 flu season.

Pointing the Finger

Rescuing Your Company’s Creativity