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June 2002
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June 2002 Issue

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Edition: Vol 10 Number 06

The (Foibles of the) Health Care Value Chain
Book review by Mark Thill

Why Study the Supply Chain?

IMCO Signs Redistribution Deal

Distributor Heads to Prison – All in A Day's Work
UnimedUSA, Ltd. discovers prisons hold the key to a lucrative future in healthcare sales.

Gloves Off As Marketing Viewpoints Clash

Whither E-Commerce?

Docs Should Care About Supply Chain Management

A Baby Boomer's Guide to Distribution in the '60s

1960 Exhibitors' List
Following is a list of exhibitors at the 58th Annual Convention and 8th Technical Exhibit of the American Surgical Trade Association (now HIDA), Morrison Hotel, Chicago, Oct. 16-22, 1960

Tax Incentive Opens Window on Equipment Purchases and Leases

Six Myths of Equipment Leasing
Watch out for these common misconceptions regarding leasing.

Understanding IDNs' Needs

Straight Talk on Group Purchasing With Joe Colonna

The Road to Victory Lane




Colorectal Cancer Takes Its Time and Takes Its Toll
Slow-growing but deadly, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States.

Don't Follow the Herd

These Are the Days

Lousy Guys Finish Last
(Excerpted from “Love Is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders, Fast Company, issue 55, page 64.)