EHCR™ Forum Keynoters Focus On Partnerships In The Supply Chain

Edition: August 1998 - Vol 6 Number 08
Article#: 659
Author: Repertoire

There's no such thing as maintaining the status quo In the healthcare industry today. Either you can move forward by embracing change, adopting new technology, and reinventing business relationships--or somebody else will.

That's true for companies individually, and it's true for the supply chain as a whole. If we fail to find the most efficient, most cost-effective ways to get medical products to end-users, those users will turn to other channels. That's why Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response™ (EHCR™) is so important.

At the second annual EHCR™ Forum, keynote speakers will share ideas on streamlining the supply chain and provide practical insights on making operations more efficient. The EHCR™ Forum focuses on bringing together manufacturers with their distributor and home care company trading partners to discuss how they can work together to bring about improved efficiencies.

Partnering in an Electronic Age, presented by Steve Epner, President of BSW Consulting in St. Louis, Missouri, kicks off the EHCR™ Forum on Friday, August 28, at 3:00pm. In this session, technology guru Steve Epner will paint a picture of how supply channels may be redesigned by creative, forward-moving companies. Epner strongly believes that tight partnerships will be a major feature of the winning channels, and that technology will provide the glue to make these partnerships effective. He'll talk about:

  • How we can manage the whole supply chain instead of just each part;

  • New ways to manage total supply chain assets better--regardless of who owns them;

  • Reducing unnecessary steps in supply channel processes;

  • How to think beyond today.

Steve Epner is president of BSW Consulting in St. Louis, Missouri. He specializes in helping clients integrate strategic business planning with information systems and tactical requirements. A popular and dynamic speaker, Epner combines a detailed understanding of the latest technologies with the unique ability to discuss them in layman's terms. Prior to founding his firm, Epner worked in information systems management at Union Carbide, Monsanto, and Citicorp. He is currently working with fellow consultant Bruce Merrifield on a new book about the future of electronic commerce in distribution, to be published by NAW's Distribution Research and Education Foundation. The Closing General Session will feature two speakers: Jim Morehouse, A.T. Kearney's vice president responsible for supply chain consulting worldwide, and Michael Workman, who holds the Harvey Hubbell Endowed Professorship for Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University.

In Morehouse's presentation, Extending the Enterprise: Integrating the Supply Chain for Breakthrough Results, the focus will be on how organizations will need to embrace an entirely new model for doing business--one that involves ‘extending the enterprise’ through long-term linkages with other supply chain partners. Morehouse will address:

  • How supply chain integration produces superior business results;

  • Why companies must act now;

  • What is required to develop and implement a strategy to ‘extend the enterprise.’

Morehouse has served the private sector in logistics and supply chain management issues for 30 years. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, logistics strategy, and change management. Prior to joining A.T. Kearney, he held positions with Union Carbide and Procter & Gamble. He has overseen nearly a dozen industry studies on productivity, logistics, globalization, and leading-edge processes, and is a frequent speaker on these topics. He has co-authored two books for the Council of Logistics Management and written numerous articles in the field.

What's the next phase in the evolving world of purchasing and business alliances? That's what Workman will discuss in Beyond Alliances: The Next Phase of Business Focus. Topics will include:

  • How we get past ‘cost reduction’ to actually eliminate costs and enhance profits;

  • How to build alliances that fundamentally change business processes, rather than simply shifting resources;

  • How to go beyond alliances to build competitive advantage for your organization and your partners.

Workman is an entertaining speaker, author, and instructor who has done extensive training and research both nationally and internationally in the area of wholesale distribution. His expertise encompasses marketing, operations management, strategic planning, and profitability improvement.

The first Closing General Session [Morehouse] will begin at 1:45 pm on Saturday, August 29, will be followed by the second one [Workman] at 3:00 pm.

In addition to the general sessions, attendees can choose from a variety of break-out sessions in different tracks on Saturday including the Management Track, Information Technologies Track, and Operations Track. EHCR™ is a broad-based, industry-wide effort aimed at streamlining the healthcare products supply chain by making each participant in the chain as efficient as possible and by eliminating waste at every step in the chain. The EHCR™ Forum is being sponsored by the American Society for Healthcare Materials Management (ASHMM), Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC), HIDA, National Wholesale Druggists' Association (NWDA), and Uniform Code Council (UCC).

All EHCR™ Forum events will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans the two days preceding the HIDA/98 Trade Show & Educational Forum. As a special benefit, EHCR™ Forum registrants will receive free admittance to the HIDA/98 Trade Show & Education Forum on Sunday, August 30, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. This includes visiting the Trade Show floor as well as attending the education sessions, including the Opening General Session featuring Harvey Mackay.

Attendees can register for the Forum onsite. For registration information, call Joyce Sponaugle at (703) 838-6134.