Advance® Helps Reps Succeed In Evolving Healthcare Marketplace

Edition: September 1999 - Vol 7 Number 09
Article#: 476
Author: Repertoire

The Advance Medical Sales Institute (AMSI™) has expanded its Advance® curriculum to include four self-study courses that will help medical product sales representatives better understand the complex healthcare environment in which they sell and communicate more effectively with their customers. Like all Advance educational resources, these latest additions include self-instructional texts and other course materials specifically developed to meet the needs of busy medical product sales representatives.

AMSI is a division of a non-profit educational organization that for more than 30 years has provided certification and continuing education to representatives in the healthcare industry. AMSI now offers nine state-of-the-art, self-study courses developed to strengthen representative training in such areas as new hire training, continuing education and career/management development.

Introduction to Managed Healthcare, New Directions in Healthcare Delivery, The Evolving Healthcare Industry and The Human Body may be purchased individually or as part of the AMS® Accreditation Program -- the Official Sales Training Program of HIDA. 'To compete in today's marketplace, medical product representatives need more than just basic selling skills and product knowledge,' notes Mark Vitello, director of marketing and business development for AMSI.

'They must be able to identify the needs of their customers and the effects of ongoing changes in an evolving healthcare delivery system. That's why Advance has expanded its focus to include current healthcare topics in addition to our business courses which focus more on selling skills and territory management.'

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