HIDA 99 SHow Preview

Edition: September 1999 - Vol 7 Number 09
Article#: 464
Author: Repertoire

HIDA Announces First-Ever Executive Strategic Forum

Most corporate officers devote just three percent of their time to tomorrow's challenges and opportunities but successful executives need to continually search for insights into how to succeed in the new reality of health care. To help executives focus their strategies and revitalize their ideas, HIDA has developed the first-ever Executive Strategic Forum, during HIDA/99, Sunday, October 10 in Chicago.

The Executive Strategic Forum is open exclusively to CEOs and other top corporate officers with medical product manufacturer, distributor, and home care companies. This program is specifically designed for company Presidents, COOs, CFOs, and top sales and marketing officers as a high-impact and unique opportunity to network and strategize for the future.

Internationally known author, consultant, and speaker Ian Morrison specializes in long-term forecasting and planning with empasis on healthcare and business. Morrison will discuss such issues as:

  • What's causing the ‘dis-integration’ of integrated delivery networks;

  • How consumers are driving change in the US healthcare system;

  • What happened to capitation;

  • The state of managed care today--and where it's going;

  • How to succeed in today's healthcare market while keeping one eye focused on the future.

Oren Harari is a best-selling business author and management consultant in the areas of competitive advantage and organizational change. All organizations are faced with the same challenge: the need to ‘jump the curve’ Ð to make significant, discontinuous leaps in their thinking, whether about product, technology, or management style. The alternative, advises Harari, of following current practices all the way to their inevitable decline, is no longer acceptable. In his program, he offers insights on:

  • Catapulting your strategy beyond conventional wisdom;

  • Identifying the ‘next big thing’ in your industry--and capitalizing on it;

  • Why today's competitive market requires radical thinking;

  • Embracing perpetual change by looking ahead to tomorrow's customer;

  • Understanding that continuous improvement is not enough;

  • Why ‘trendsniffing’ is vital for competitive advantage.

The Executive Strategic Forum's format is designed to maximize both learning and networking. The program begins at 8:00 a.m. with introductory presentations by both speakers.

Then, for the second half, the speakers will lead a highly interactive discussion of how insights in areas such as electronic commerce, healthcare strategy, and innovation can be applied to the fast-changing medical products industry.

The Forum ends at 10:45 a.m., and all participants receive free tickets to HIDA's Chairman's Industry Brunch at 11:00 am. This year's Brunch features ESPN's top college basketball analyst Dick Vitale.

Advanced Sales Education For The Healthcare Industry's Achievers

Today's competitive healthcare market demands that even the best salespeople proactively develop their skills and knowledge. That's the purpose of HIDA's new Sales Achievers Forum, a new conference designed specifically for the highest-achieving sales representatives in the entire healthcare industry. From October 8 & 9, 1999, the industry's top salespeople will benefit from:

  • The latest sales strategies for increasing your company's competitive edge;

  • A keener understanding of how to profit from the changing healthcare marketplace;

  • An opportunity to reward top sales performance with a program to spur even greater achievements;

  • Industry-wide recognition for being the ‘best of the best.’

The program for this unprecedented event has been designed to give advanced education on sales strategies that will help top achievers hone their competitive edge. Send your best to gain insights into trends and changes impacting healthcare customers: Expert consultant Jim Pancero will deliver the keynote address on Friday, October 8, focusing on keeping a competitive selling advantage in the new millennium.

Saturday, October 9, features a panel discussion on understanding healthcare customers of the 21st century.

Breakout sessions on Saturday will cover such diverse topics as advanced negotiation strategies, delivering value to customers, empowering customers in primary care sales, and selling to large accounts. Because the breakouts are all so packed with valuable information, a second session of the same breakouts will run again, giving all Sales Achievers an opportunity take the fullest advantage of the information-laden program.

Ian Morrison will then address all attendees about the critical trends impacting healthcare customers.

Participation at the Sales Achievers Forum is limited to two top sales representatives from a single company or division/region of a company. Companies with multiple regions or divisions may send a maximum of eight attendees to the Forum.

Participants from both HIDA Member and nonmember distributor and home care companies are welcome. Manufacturers must be HIDA Educational Foundation Associates to participate. Participants must be nominated by their company's CEO, sales executive, or sales manager. Registrants may not nominate themselves.

The Sales Achievers Forum rolls right into the HIDA/99 Annual Trade Show & Education Forum, and all Achievers will receive special recognition at the Show, emphasizing their positions as the ‘best of the best.’

HIDA/99 -- Kicking It Off Right With A New Event

Put on your tennis shoes, roll up your sleeves, stretch out your muscles, and be prepared to have a good time at the HIDA/99 Kickoff Party!

Following the new Trade Show Preview on Saturday night, October 9, attendees and exhibitors will roll into a spectacular evening of food, drink, and festivities that is brand-new to the HIDA Show.

Feeling competitive? Want to have fun? HIDA has planned games that will challenge you and keep you laughing, all while networking in a very relaxed atmosphere! The Kickoff Party will feature: a velcro obstacle course, robotic boxing, a par 3 golf game, pool tables, and electronic basketball.

Tickets to this fun-filled event are $55, and can be ordered on your HIDA/99 Registration Form.

Manufacturer & Distributor Sales Partnership Workshops Offered

Distributors and manufacturers will get some lessons in forming sales partnerships during a three-part educational session at HIDA/99, Chicago. Cindy Juhas of Hospital Associates; Shaunna Salzetti, LXN Corp.; Tim Murphy, Spacelabs Burdick and Tony Melaro of Welch Allyn will facilitate the workshops, each of which will stand on its own. A fifth speaker -- Dr. Ben -- has been invited. ‘We're really trying to focus on the local distributor sales manager and the local rep,’ says Juhas. ‘Even if the plan is drawn up at the highest level, implementation has to be in the field.’ Successful manufacturer/distributor partnerships rely on gathering the correct information, understanding the market and choosing the right partner. Then, the plan must be constructed, goals set and training conducted. The interactive sessions will be held Sunday, Oct. 10, from 8 to 10:45 a.m.; and Monday, Oct. 11, 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 3 to 4:30 p.m. For more information, contact Cindy Juhas at cindy@mediquip.net.

50% More Sales & Marketing Education At HIDA/99

In response to attendee requests and addressing the interests of the entire healthcare supply chain, HIDA has expanded the sales & marketing education at the HIDA/99 Annual Trade Show & Education Forum to include a total of 18 sales & marketing educational sessions. ‘We know that it's vital for salespeople to attend the HIDA Trade Show, and we understand that value is one of the key factors in deciding whether or not to attend. With these important issues in mind, HIDA/ 99 is programmed to feature what is needed to increase value for attendees,’ a HIDA spokesperson said.

The HIDA/99 Sales & Marketing Conference, October 9Ð11 at Chicago's Navy Pier, will follow on the heels of the exclusive Sales Achievers Forum, delivering a program chock full of the information your salespeople need to know in order to be most effective in the field. Six six-and-a-half-hour courses comprise the Conference, each divided into three sessions. All this education makes for a grand total of eighteen sales and marketing sessions at this year's Trade Show.

Author and trainer Nate Booth will present The ‘Diamond Touch’ in Selling, with sessions focused on the power of the ‘diamond touch,’ understanding what customers really want, and elegant influence.

George Lucas, President of US Learning, will discuss Building Strategic Alliances with Your Customers, covering the strategic selling process, managing meetings with your customer partners, and competitive skills for forming and maintaining alliances. Popular speaker Jim Meisenheimer, of JM Associates, will address Healthcare Selling: How to Increase Sales, Earn More Money and Have More Fun, with sessions including information on growing your business, selling for profit, and having more fun!

Distribution expert Michael Marks, President of Indian River Consulting Group, will present The Nuts and Bolts of Sales Management, addressing sales management process audits, designing field sales territories, and team selling and implications for incentives. ‘TechnoMotivator’ Bill Metcalf will address Technology for the Sales Professional, focusing on sales presentations in the 21st century, creating your own e-community to make more sales, and closing the learning gap.

Sheila Dunn and Anita Sirianni will present Selling in the Physician Market, addressing regulatory and reimbursement issues for physician office sales, selling to physicians in today's managed care environment, and the secrets to selling equipment. Don't miss this opportunity to network and learn about

The healthcare industry trends that will carry the industry into the next millennium. There are a lot of salespeople out there -- make sure you get the competitive edge that HIDA/99 can give you with unparalleled networking opportunities and unprecedented, focused education designed specifically for sales and marketing professionals in the healthcare industry.