Edition: April 2014 - Vol 22 Number 04
Article#: 4476
Author: Repertoire

Amsino International, Inc. introduces AMSure® Urethral Self Catheterization Kit

Amsino International, Inc. recently introduced the AMSure® Urethral Self Catheterization Kit with R- POLISHED Eyes Pre-lubricated Close System. The AMSure® Urethral Self Catheterization kit with R-POLISHED Eyes is a single use latex-free system, designed to help with independent living. A complete closed system intended to be a touch-free catheterization system that reducesmess, demotes contamination risk and it’s easy and discrete. A safe, affordable and easy to use system designed for any user. The AMSure® Urethral Self Catheterization Kit is available in 10, 12, 14, and 16 French sizes. For more information or to request a sample, call (800) 632-6746 or visit

Burdick® introduces Ambulo™ 2400 blood pressure monitor

Burdick announced the introduction of the Ambulo 2400 blood pressure monitoring system,

offering state-of-the-art innovation, accuracy, and reliability. Features include:

• Patented oscillometric technology, along with powerful Microsoft® Windows®-based software, enables comprehensive setup, collection, analysis, and documentation of blood pressure data.

• A compact, lightweight design, combined with gentle linear bleed technology, enables patients to go about their daily activities with comfort and minimal interruption.

• Quick, simple connection that benefits clinicians and patients. Quiet and smooth operation increases patient compliance and aids in producing accurate measurement results.

For more information on Ambulo, contact your Burdick Representative or call (800) 354-1600