360-degree perspective

Edition: April 2014 - Vol 22 Number 04
Article#: 4460
Author: Repertoire

IMCO recently gathered all of its advisory groups – acute care, primary care, long-term care and home care – in St. Augustine, Fla., to take a comprehensive look at today’s changing healthcare market, and to arrive at some comprehensive solutions for independent distributors. “It was our first-ever ‘Power’ meeting,” says IMCO President Deb Bullock. Vendor partners attended as well.

“There's so much synergy in everyone's business, regardless of class of trade,” says Bullock. “Having a forum for the IMCO advisors’ collective brain trust, market reconnaissance and experience just made sense. Plus, our members are, at least, investigating different markets, if not already moving into them. The time to network and pick the brains of our market experts was a benefit. Of course, we wanted to help our vendor partners by saving them the time and expense to attend multiple meetings.”

Advisors discussed their new call points, the new needs of customers, and creative ways to become invaluable to customers, explains Bullock. “I was amazed at how upbeat everyone was.

“The impact [of healthcare reform] each market is facing is very similar. All of our members are very familiar with the different opportunities arising from ACOs, community health centers, value-based purchasing and concierge care, as well as the growing home care market. These opportunities are opening up a lot of doors.”

Mike Carver, sales director, healthcare distribution, GOJO Industries, said, “The IMCO Power meeting reinforced, once again, that regardless of the challenges ahead in the medical-surgical supply industry, the manufacturer will have the support of their distribution partners to address these challenges together.”