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Edition: September 2013 - Vol 21 Number 09
Article#: 4335
Author: Repertoire

Apex introduces MegaStore

The MegaStore™ from Apex Supply Chain Technologies is an internet-based point-of-care supply management solution that helps eliminate waste, stockouts and out-of-compliance inventory – while increasing productivity and level of patient care. Apex’s cloud-based software, TrajectoryTM, features 24/7 real-time reporting so you know what was taken and who accessed specific items, and it tracks usage for each patient, room number or any other desired variable. To learn more, visit:

Carstens adds Mobile Care Unit (MCU)

Carstens announced the addition of the new Mobile Care Unit (MCU) to their mobile workstation product line. The new MCU features a seamless work surface, which offers unprecedented infection control. With a surrounding edge guard, the worktop is now ideal for small electronics like laptops, tablets or diagnostic equipment. This Ergo surface is still available in three wood grain options: cherry oak, hard maple and bamboo. In addition, the multi-compartment storage drawer, cord access portal and A/C adapter bracket are standard on the new MCU. Accessories like a tablet mount, concentric utility basket, center basket and notebook cable security kit make the MCU just as customizable as it is portable. For more information on the Mobile Care Unit, contact your Carstens Representative at (800) 782-1524 or visit

Crosstex International to sell RAPICIDE OPA/28

Cantel Medical Corp. recently launched RAPICIDE OPA/28, an ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high-level disinfectant for semi-critical medical devices, to multiple segments of the healthcare market. A 510(k) cleared product by the FDA, RAPICIDE OPA/28 high-level disinfectant offers a reuse period for up to 28 days, twice the reuse life among all OPA-based disinfectants available on the market, and the fastest manual disinfection time at ten minutes at room temperature. RAPICIDE OPA/28 is a convenient, ready-to-use high-level disinfectant designed for use in central processing departments, gastrointestinal departments, surgery centers, physician offices, and other areas where high-level disinfection is required. It can disinfect a wide range of endoscopes and other heat sensitive semi-critical medical devices. The product will be produced and sold via Cantel Medical Corp.’s subsidiaries: Medivators, Inc. (, Crosstex International (, and SPSmedical (