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Edition: January 2013 - Vol 21 Number 01
Article#: 4174
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In November we asked: Alaska became an organized U.S. territory the same year that two states joined the Union. What were those states?

Answer: Arizona and New Mexico


Customer service tip

Editor’s Note: The following customer service advice is from Shep Hyken, part of Repertoire’s regular blog content. Visit for more.

This is considered to be a joke… A guy walks into a diner and sits down at a table. After sitting for a half an hour and watching all of the guests who came in behind him get served, he asked a server if someone was ever going to come to take his order. She responded by saying, “You’re in Suzie’s station and she’s not here tonight.”

As ridiculous as the above scenario sounds, it has truth to it. The opposite of the above happened at the Bristol restaurant in St. Louis. We were sitting for a few minutes when a server came over and explained that our regular server was busy and she would help by taking our order. That’s customer service teamwork!

LESSON: Working as a team is a big part of customer service. The best people and companies won’t say, “It’s not my department.” Instead, they work together to take care of their customers.

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