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Edition: January 2013 - Vol 21 Number 01
Article#: 4161
Author: Repertoire

iPhone 5 for less?

A 4-inch screen and enhanced speed and graphical performance are just the beginning. The iPhone 5 is said to enhance the movie-watching experience with more realistic color reproduction, and its slim design makes it easier to handle. If it weren’t for the expense, more buyers might consider purchasing one. As it turns out, trade-in deals are making the iPhone 5 more affordable. For instance, Carphone Warehouse offers as much $232 for the iPhone 4S 16GB, and an iPhone variant with larger memory is worth even more. At that rate, it doesn’t make sense to save outdated devices.

High tech damage control

High-tech tools, such as thermal cameras, make it possible for people to move back into their homes and businesses sooner after major disasters. For instance, when flooding occurs, water can be forced into hidden nooks and crannies throughout a house or building, leading to mold growth. The sensors installed in forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras – as well as those of other thermal imaging cameras – use detection of infrared radiation, typically emitted from a heat source, to create a picture assembled for video output. By producing pictures from tiny difference in heat, the cameras can detect invisible areas of moisture and water damage, facilitating faster, more thorough cleanup after disasters. FLIR cameras are said to be more affordable and accessible for consumers today, and can be rented from Home Depot stores.

Juice pack opens possibilities for Samsung iPhone users

The Mophie ™ juice pack, now available for the Samsung Galaxy S III, reportedly offers twice as much battery life per phone charge. The 2300mAh rechargeable battery is said to provide up to nine hours of additional talk time, 11 additional hours of Internet use, and 32 hours of audio playback, or eight hours of video playback. Additional features include an ultra-thin, lightweight, design; a pass-through USB cord, which allows users to charge and sync without removing their mobile device from the juice pack case; an on/off toggle switch, which permits standby and charging mode, giving users the ability to dictate when extra juice is needed; and an integrated LED status indicator, which notifies the user of how much battery power is left and displays how much charge time remains when the case is plugged in. Additional information is available by visiting www.mophie.com.

Sony Electronics supports South Africa Mobile Library Project

Sony Electronics has rolled out a national book collection program to benefit the South Africa Mobile Library Project, a part of the South African Department of Education’s efforts to improve literacy levels across the country. Sony has established an external support network of key recycling vendors from its Take Back Recycling program to facilitate public donations of gently used children’s books around the country throughout the month of November. The company is accepting donations of English language children’s books appropriate for elementary age through 14 years old, including current children’s reference books and encyclopedias. The project’s recycling partners, its public collection locations and operating hours are listed at www.sony.com/ecotrade.

Windows Phone 8 locates free Wi-Fi

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is expected to provide information about the location and quality of free Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling users to locate nearby networks. The information will come from a database of 11 million hotspots worldwide that is created and maintained by Wi-Fi software company Devicescape. Devicescape filters available hotspots in a given area and determines those that have been delivering good performance. The hotspot data will only be available on phones from Verizon Wireless in the United States, under an exclusive deal between Microsoft and Verizon, although this service may extend beyond Verizon in the future. Elsewhere in the world, it will be built into all Windows Phone 8 handsets, regardless of service provider.

Smartphones and tablets growth in 2013

About 1.2 billion smartphones and tablets may be purchased in 2013, according to research firm Gartner. Smartphones and tablets together made up 70 percent of all devices sold in 2012, according to the firm, which predicted the total would reach 821 million by the year’s end. While these devices are not expected to entirely replace PCs for most businesses, they likely will change the way businesses look at their device strategies, says Gartner. The firm has also predicted that 66 percent of mobile workers will own a smartphone in 2016, and over half of those smartphones will be Google’s Android devices. Tablet purchases by businesses, anticipated to reach 13 million in 2012, will likely triple to 53 million in 2016, according to Gartner.

Verizon expected to shut down app store

Verizon Wireless is expected to close its app store in early 2013, according to the company, which predicted it will complete the removal of the Verizon Apps application from all compatible Android and Research In Motion devices between January and March. Verizon reportedly is closing the app store because most of the apps available through Verizon Apps can also be found in other stores, including the Verizon tab of Google Play. Business applications submitted to Verizon’s Private Applications Store for Business is expected to continue to be available for purchase and download to enterprise customers.

Gaming case opens possibilities for the iPhone®

xDev Inc. recently announced the launch of iXtreme, an adventure and gaming case designed for iPhone 4 and 5. The lightweight, mountable case allows iPhone owners to use their phone as a mountable point of view (POV) camera, as well as simulates the feeling of a traditional camcorder and serves as a gaming console steering wheel when using detachable handles called iX Grips. The product has been designed to work with GoPro® accessories and is reportedly adaptable to many mounting systems. Features of the case include an integrated three-point mounting system with one-finger release; a 180-degree three-element wide-angle lens and lens guard; and a viewing kickstand in the form of the iXtreme logo.