Revolutionary approach for PSS

Edition: November 2012 - Vol 20 Number 11
Article#: 4100
Author: Repertoire

Evolution is something that happens to you. Revolution is something you make happen. PSS says it prefers the latter.

“Revolution is about focusing your resources on what matters most,” says Gary Corless, President and CEO of PSS World Medical, speaking about the company’s recent sales meeting in Orlando, Fla., whose theme was “Revolution.” “For PSS, that is increasing our investments and narrowing our focus to strengthen our caregivers, our people and all those invested in our purpose and mission.”

Approximately 1,300 PSS employees and 700 vendor reps, representing more than 120 companies, attended the meeting.

“There is an unprecedented rate of change in the healthcare industry, including consolidation of physicians’ offices with healthcare systems,” says Physician Sales & Service President Eddie Dienes. “We know our physician customers and their patients’ needs are only going to be increasing in the future. Therefore, we must be prepared to help them meet those needs.

“We are providing our team members with the tools, resources and focused investments to help our customers and our team grow,” he says. “We are uniquely built to help care for the caregivers in every stage of their practice, from the examination, diagnosis and treatment of their patients.”

Looking ahead, PSS intends to focus on three areas, says Dienes:

• Investing for growth.

• Driving a focused expansion of laboratory and in-office dispensing offerings, and health systems.

• Developing and using new tools and resources to accelerate the company’s growth and strengthen caregivers.

Suppliers will be part of the mix. “We are investing for growth and want to work with our supplier partners to make that happen, so that we can all be successful,” says Dienes. “PSS is much more than boxes and prices. We are aligning ourselves with partners that can support our purpose and mission, and together, we will accelerate growth.”

At the meeting, PSS awarded its annual Eagle Awards, the highest honor awarded to company employees. Sales reps receiving the award were Todd Matthews, Gulf Coast; and Derrick Albiston, Pacific Northwest. Jeff Piscadio, Southeast region, won the award for a sales leader. Laurel Raymond of Welch Allyn received special recognition, and Covidien was named Vendor of the Year.