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Edition: July 2012 - Vol 20 Number 07
Article#: 4033
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In a multi-part series on Repertoire’s Blog, Anthony J. D’Antonio, Group Vice President, Briggs Healthcare discussed the importance of mentors and their successful traits. The following is an excerpt:

What are the qualifications of a great mentor?

In my mind, a terrific mentor is the old sales sage, someone who consistently performs above and beyond goals set by the company. This is the person who is so self-actualized and non-threatening that the rookie can feel at home with. They may ask simple and direct questions such as: “where are we going,” “who are we going to talk to,” “about what,” “what happened last time,” “what obstacles do you face,” “what role do you want me to play” … all the same questions a good manager may ask. However, these questions come from a different and safe place, non-judgmental and intended to build up a rep. Too many managers are focused on entering data into a CRM, or complaining about the last promotion he or she did not get, that they forget that the best role that they can play is the mentoring role. Not to disparage front-line sales managers, but their critical role of coach is sometimes forgotten as they, too, feel a squeeze to enter and analyze data, attend meetings, form strategy, and perform other non customer-facing activities. It is no wonder why sales training does not stick; it never gets reinforced. Use your mentor here, too.

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