New Products

Edition: June 2012 - Vol 20 Number 06
Article#: 4012
Author: Repertoire

Sempermed introduces GripSafeTM Nitrile Industrial Glove

Sempermed introduced its new GripSafeTMNitrile industrial glove. GripSafeTMNitrile industrial gloves are designed to provide exceptional strength and superior gripping capabilities without the risk of latex allergens. Advanced manufacturing technology gives GripSafeTM Nitrile a softer fit and feel than traditional nitrile gloves, allowing for maximum tactile sensitivity. GripSafeTM Nitrile is ideal for food, safety, janitorial/sanitation and laboratory markets. GripSafeTMNitrile industrial gloves are available in sizes small through extra large. The product reorder numbers are GSNF102 (size small), GSNF103 (size medium), and GSNF104 (size large), and GSNF105 (size x-large).

PDI introduces Sani-Cloth® AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipes

PDI introduced the Sani-Cloth® AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipes, the newest addition to PDI’s Environmental Hygiene portfolio. Designed to make surface disinfection more efficient for staff and more pleasant for patients, Sani-Cloth® AF3 is both alcohol and fragrance free. The alcohol free formula makes it ideal for use on sensitive medical equipment and fragrance free makes it ideal for use around patients and staff, even those with respiratory sensitivities. Sani-Cloth AF3 is tested effective against 44 clinically relevant microoganisms in 3 minutes, including Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms, Bloodborne Pathogens and TB. For more information, visit

Crosstex introduces iBarrier™ single use, touch sensitive tablet sleeve

Crosstex International introduced its newest barrier protection product – iBarrier. Made specifically to fit the iPad, the iBarrier will fit multiple tablets currently on the market. Designed to protect healthcare professionals, staff and patients from cross contamination, the iBarrier is the only single use, touch sensitive tablet sleeve created for the healthcare profession. Made in the USA and latex free, the iBarrier is a full coverage, disposable sleeve /cover, that is both easy to use and inexpensive enough for single use to help ensure proper infection prevention in healthcare settings. The optimally clear, lightweight, protective material and precise fit ensure that devices remain fully-functional while protecting the end user from cross-contamination. Simply insert the iPad/tablet into the sleeve, remove the adhesive strip and seal. To request a FREE iBarrier sample or for additional information regarding the complete portfolio of Crosstex infection and prevention products, visit

Midmark introduces new 625 Barrier-Free® Power Examination Table with Integrated Digital Scale

Midmark Corporation announced the introduction of its new 625 Barrier-Free® Power Examination Table with IQscale™. The Midmark 625 now features a fully integrated digital scale, IQscale™, as well as a handheld control that allows physicians and caregivers to send scale data, including body mass index, directly to electronic medical records (EMRs). In Midmark’s recently released 2012 Medical Trends Survey, 63 percent of primary care physicians selected the implementation of EMRs as the most important exam room enhancement to improve patient care. The Midmark 625 with IQscale™ allows physicians to care for a growing number of patients without worrying about equipment limitations. Midmark’s 625 also offers 18- to 37-inch seat height adjustment, flat seating surface and adjustable arm system to provide easy patient transfer and minimize mobility-related issues in the exam room. For more information, visit