Publisherís letter: Lucky to be Here

Edition: January 2012 - Vol 20 Number 01
Article#: 3889
Author: Repertoire

Welcome to 2012! Well, we have all by now made our resolutions and perhaps already broken some, but as I sat down to write this letter, I realized that we are all pretty lucky to be in this industry. And not just because healthcare has survived the economic downturn of the past three years better than most industries. It goes well beyond that.

As you make your way through this issue, take the time to read the cover stories about two of the industryís great influencers, Cindy Juhas of Hospital Associates and Claflin Companyís Ted Almon. They are this yearís inductees into the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame. Each has had a great impact on our industry. I have known both for a number of years and can attest that they are richly deserving of the honor.

What struck me most after reading the articles was the contrast not only in the type of people they are but the difference in their respective contributions to the industry. Both are true pioneers. Most importantly, both will have left a legacy for all of us.

As many know, Tedís career has always been centered on the acute care side of the business. From his days at Baxter through his acquisition of Claflin, Ted has made it his business to thoroughly understand the channel in which he operates. From the early days of GPOs and the changes that impacted the supply chain, Ted took the lead in introducing and implementing innovative processes and programs that streamlined the supply chain.

I have always been impressed with Tedís ability to make complex issues understandable. As someone noted in the article, Ted was usually the smartest guy in the room. There is a lot of truth in that statement.

Cindyís career prior to her acquiring Hospital Associates had been centered on either the lab or physician side of the business. But Cindyís ability to recognize and focus on niche opportunities has been one of the keys to her success. No matter where she is, Cindy always brings with her a passion for what she is doing, and that passion is contagious to those who know and work with her.

Cindyís body of work in the industry is unparalleled. At each stop along the way, she has brought her passion, principles, and maybe best of all, her laughter.

Ted humbly attributes part of his success to luck, and I know Cindy would give credit to good fortune for much of her success. Luck indeed plays a role in our lives. But isnít it interesting that one who prepares as thoroughly to a cause as a Ted Almon does, or one who exudes as much passion for endeavors as a Cindy Juhas does, seems to be abundantly fortunate?

I canít think of a better way to kick off 2012 than to congratulate the industryís newest members of the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame and feel lucky that they crossed our collective paths.

Brian Taylor