Choosing an EHR Online Education Event

Edition: May 2010 - Vol 18 Number 05
Article#: 3464
Author: Presented by Welch Allyn

To help ease the trauma of selecting and implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Welch Allyn has created an online resource and expert consulting program called EHR Prep-Select Services. To help stimulate conversation about this program among distributor sales reps (DSRs) and their physician practice customers, Welch Allyn is hosting a Webinar for DSRs on how to use and benefit from this Web-based service.

“Welch Allyn recognizes that a challenge for DSRs is that they carry a very large bag of products, and it is not realistic for them to be experts in all aspects of technology,” says Welch Allyn’s Senior Category Manager of EHR Services, Jay Mangicaro.

“They need to be generalists, and this program supports their generalist role.”

The EHR Prep-Select Services tool is an objective, third-party introduction to the EHR preparation and selection process that serves as an easy-to-follow guide for a difficult and complex process, according to Mangicaro.

During the Webinar scheduled for May 21, 2010 and hosted at, Mangicaro and his colleague Welch Allyn EHR Prep-Select Services Consultant Bruce Kleaveland will introduce the program to DSRs.

Mangicaro and Kleaveland agree that DSRs stand to benefit three-fold by talking to their customers objectively about EHR selection, and they hope this tool will encourage them to do so. These three benefits are:

Stronger customer relationships

Talking to customers about EHR selection is an opportunity for DSRs to strengthen their relationships with customers, particularly since this is a technology that is not going away as recent legislation concerning EHR adoption suggests, according to Mangicaro. Yet some DSRs may prefer not to talk to their customers about EHR selection because there is a risk of damaging their customer relationship if the installation of an EHR they recommend goes badly.

“The flip side of the argument is that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity because Healthcare IT is a focal point for healthcare transformation,” says Mangicaro. “If distributor reps choose to ignore talking to their customers about EHRs, they will miss an opportunity to enrich their relationship with their customers.”

Reduced risk for reps

DSRs can empower their customers to choose the best EHR system for their practice by positioning themselves first as offering an objective resource about the EHR selection process.

“The beauty of the Welch Allyn EHR Prep-Select Services program is that DSRs can help educate their customer through a service that provides very low risk to the DSR,” says Kleaveland. “Welch Allyn doesn’t own or sell an EHR and their service doesn’t tell the customer which product to select. It focuses first on preparation for selection and implementation of an electronic health record then guides practices to make their own informed decision.”

Opportunity for connected device sales

Becoming an EHR resource lets DSRs get involved in the post-installation process as well. And this positions DSRs to be a valuable resource regarding the device connectivity needs of their customers.

“When you do an EHR installation it tends to stir up interest in purchasing devices that are integrated with the selected EHR,” says Kleaveland. “For many practices it means upgrading their EKG, adding a vital signs monitor or other equipment that they don’t already have.”

DSRs will get an opportunity to learn more about Welch Allyn’s Prep-Select Services program by participating in the online education event hosted by, May 21, 2010.

Choosing an EHR

A Webinar for Distribution Sales Reps

Presented by Welch Allyn’s Senior Category Manager of EHR Services Jay Mangicaro and Welch Allyn EHR Prep-Select Services Consultant Bruce Kleaveland,

Kleaveland Consulting

Hosted by

Friday, May 21, 2010

11 a.m. EST (length: 60 minutes)

This event is free to distributor sales reps.

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