An Optimistic Voice

Edition: April 2009 - Vol 17 Number 04
Article#: 3157
Author: Brian Taylor

Several of the stories in this month’s issue highlight the resiliency and resourcefulness of this industry. In “Common Good in the Commonwealth,” starting on page 16, we profile how one local hospital system responded to the needs of the community during a massive ice storm. When the storm created extraordinary conditions, Trover Health System found extraordinary ways to handle the problems, and found itself working with an unlikely partner in Cardinal Heath, which was not Trover’s regular supplier. But Cardinal’s team, facing its own set of challenges due to the storm, did all they could to provide aid in what could have been an even more dire situation. It’s instances like this that make us feel good to be part of a system that can put all things aside for the common good.

The Distributor Insights meeting and the Hall of Fame Dinner honoring PSS’s John Sasen are two great examples of the industry’s ability to come together for common purposes. In recognizing Sasen, competitors and allies alike set aside all competitive issues in order to pay tribute to one of their own who has contributed to the universal benefit of our industry. It was great to see the cohesiveness of an industry on full display. Additionally, the meeting that followed provided the chance for suppliers and distributors to share and discuss common issues. More importantly, they had a forum where they could work on solutions that benefit both parties. In trying economic times, the participants expressed unbridled optimism and saw opportunities where so many others saw despair. If the economy needs to hear an optimistic voice, it should have been witness to those events!

As we move forward in 2009, much on the economic front is still unclear. There doesn’t appear to be a consensus on how healthcare will be affected. When will recovery begin? Has the economy hit bottom yet? So much is in doubt. But it is encouraging that rather than waiting for some kind of signal, the industry as a whole seems to be pulling together like Trover Health System and Cardinal Health did, to continue to provide service, innovation and solutions to the providers and patients they all serve.

Thanks to all involved for providing much needed inspiration!