It's Your Choice

Edition: November 2008 - Vol 16 Number 11
Article#: 3037
Author: Brian Taylor

There is no doubt that 2008 has been a year to remember - and in some aspects a year many would like to forget. We have just concluded an historic presidential campaign where we saw an African American win the Democratic nomination over what would have been the first female presidential nominee. We were also witness to a grueling campaign that showcased the first female Republican VP nominee in history. And all this took place amid the greatest economic meltdown in more than 75 years. As it turns out, the economic crisis was the deciding factor in the election. What had initially appeared as a close race was turned upside down with the economic collapse and subsequent bailout. Toss in the threat of a Katrina-like hurricane and the glimmer of hope that the Cubs provided their fans before it was so cruelly snatched away quite a year indeed!

We are in the midst of historic and some would say frightening times. Nobody seems to know what will happen economically both nationally and globally. In our slice of the world which is healthcare, we are beginning to see the effects of the turmoil. Patient visits are down, distributors need to watch their receivables more closely, and equipment sales are starting to feel a pinch. All that being said, there are opportunities - we just need to work hard to understand the problems our customers are having and be resourceful and creative in providing solutions for them.

It remains an individual choice to face the challenges in a positive and hopeful way. I tell people here something I read years ago, "We may be in a recession, but we have chosen not to participate." We seek opportunities which are out there, although perhaps harder to uncover. We remain optimistic that things will stabilize and return to normal (whatever that is).

So as we pass the gravy around this Thanksgiving, we should all count our blessings. I went through this process and in short order I came up with the following list (I don't know how items 4 and 5 got in there, but they just did):

-Thankful for having my family together to share good food and good times.

-Thankful for friends both new and old.

-Thankful for our collective good health.

-Thankful for Fantasy Football.

-Thankful for golf friends that give me two-foot putts.

-Thankful for co-workers that make it a joy to go to work each day.

-Thankful for an industry so full of talented and nice people that no one ever seems to leave.

-Thankful to live in a country that is resilient and strong, and affords us the freedom to be and do whatever we dream.

What are you most thankful for this year? Give it some thought - it is a great exercise!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MDSI!