Starline Awards Winners

Edition: May 2000 - Vol 8 Number 05
Article#: 256
Author: Repertoire

Award winners were as follows:


Member Awards

Star Performers

Metro Medical Supply Company

Edwards Medical Supply

Delaware Valley Surgical Supply

Park Surgical

Saginaw Medical Service, Inc.

R. Weinstein Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Shenandoah Medical Supply, Inc.

Affiliated Materiel Services

Krasity's Medical & Surgical Supply

Benson's Surgical Supply Company

Associated Medical Products

Schryver Medical Sales & Marketing

Hankins Surgical Supply Company

DiaMed, Inc.

Med 90

Community Surgical Supply

United Medical Supply, Inc.

American Medical Distributors

Priority Healthcare

Southeastern Emergency Equipment

Imperial Surgical Supply

Summit Medical Supplies, Inc.

The Stevens Company Ltd.

Frank's Medical Mart

The Instrument House, Inc.

Trend Setter Awards

Schryver Medical Sales & Marketing

Alban Scientific

StarLine Brand Award

R. Weinstein Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

NDC Award

Priority Healthcare

Dealer of the Year Award

Metro Medical Supply, Inc.

Vendor Awards

Star Performers

Sempermed USA, Inc.

SpaceLabs Burdick

Aaron Medical Industries, Inc.

Banta Healthcare Group

Tillotson Healthcare Corporation

American Diagnostic Corporation


Nutramax Products, Inc.

Surgical Specialties Corporation

Private Label Award

Miltex Instrument Company, Inc.

Vendor of the Year Award

Johnson & Johnson Medical Products, Inc.