Publisher's Letter: Excellence in Sales

Edition: October 2006 - Vol 14 Number 10
Article#: 2520
Author: Repertoire

In our industry, it’s well understood that a company’s success is often tied very closely to the success of its sales people. Certainly, there are other important factors, but it’s the sales people that are closest to the customer. They represent their companies, communicate their stories and value propositions, and actively find solutions to the customer’s problems. Those are the things that build long-term relationships. And it’s relationships that ultimately deliver the business.

As you know, Repertoire’s primary focus is on sales people. We strive to deliver information that can help sales people operate at a higher level and better respond to the needs of their customers. That same dynamic was behind our efforts to launch Education OnLine (EOL) six years ago. We firmly believe that the more a sales person knows about their customers, market trends and products, the more productive they will be in the field. And that productivity translates into success – for the sales people, their companies, their customers and their customer’s patients.

That is why we always look forward to the annual Excellence in Sales Awards, which are now in their seventh year. These awards, which are given to top performing distributor and manufacturer sales people, are a joint effort between Repertoire and HIDA. The awards do a great job in highlighting that we have a large number of very talented sales people in our industry in both the distribution and manufacturing communities. Just reading through the nominations is a pleasure (you can see all of nominees in the upcoming November issue of Repertoire).

I find it interesting that the winners each year often don’t think of themselves as outstanding sales people – they feel like they’re just doing their jobs. They all seem to have a humble, get-it-done attitude. This year’s winners are very much the same. They have mastered the basics, put in the hours, and in the process developed relationships that are incredibly strong. Quite frankly, each one of them has earned their business, as well as the recognition that goes with these awards. This year’s winners are featured in a story beginning on page 27. Read their stories – they are enjoyable and offer great information that you can put to work in your own territories.

As you read their stories, keep the following words or phrases in the back of your mind – follow through; troubleshooter; owns the relationship; thankful; creates a solution; product knowledge; dedication; professionalism; improves patient care; enhances revenue; embraces technology; values family; hard work; integrity; commitment; responsibility; goes above and beyond; walk in their shoes; values; balance; respect; loyalty. In some way, each of these simple concepts are tied to this year’s winners. Are they words your peers and customers would use to describe you?