New Products

Edition: December 2005 - Vol 13 Number 12
Article#: 2296
Author: Repertoire

Welch Allyn introduces the CP 100 and CP 200

Welch Allyn introduced two multichannel electrocardiographs that are EMR-ready and designed for use in settings where flexibility and efficiency are of utmost importance. In addition to administering patient tests and managing patient information, the Welch Allyn CP 100 and CP 200 devices offer flexible report formatting, inexpensive patient test storage and intuitive design and functionality. Both units can interface with Welch Allynís CardioPerfect Workstation Software to transfer patient data from the device to an EMR.

Sempermed Syntegra

Sempermedís Syntegra combines the best of both worlds in protection and comfort. It is manufactured with a patented styrene isoprene-styrene copolymer that lacks processing accelerator chemicals, which have been identified as the cause of most glove-related sensitivities. A chlorination-free formula eliminates the slippery feel and strong odor often associated with chlorinated gloves. For those who prefer added protection, Sempermed Syntegra can be double-gloved.

BSN Medical presents the New Specialist 100 cotton undercast padding

BSN medical presents the new Specialist 100 cotton undercast padding, the cost-effective way to provide clinicians with the features they prefer in a cotton padding. Specialist 100 is 100 percent cotton and available in four sizes. The padding is listed on many GPO contracts, such as Novation, Premier, Amerinet, Consorta, and MedAssets among others.

Dermarite introduces StingFree liquid barrier film

Dermarite introduces StingFree, an alcohol free, sting free liquid barrier film that dries quickly to form a breathable, waterproof transparent barrier between skin and bodily waste, fluids, adhesive products and friction. Itís intended as a primary barrier against irritation. This alcohol free formula will not clog diapers or interfere with absorbent pads. StingFree is available in a 2 oz. spray and wipes, 50 per box.

ADCís Digital e-sphyg

ADCís digital e-sphyg combines precision crafted performance, rugged durability and incredible ergonomics. The digital e-sphyg should not be confused with the electronic home blood pressure monitors. ADC has taken the basic professional aneroid a mainstay of the healthcare profession and gone digital. ADC has replaced the diaphragm, gears, springs, and linkages the components that make an aneroid vulnerable to shock, vibration, over inflation and wear and replaced them with electronic pressure sensors, IC chips and a backlit extra large, easy to read, liquid crystal digital display.

Brewer Expands Its IV Pole Line

Brewer has expanded its IV pole line with the Welded two-hook Economy IV pole, and the two and four-hook, five leg, plastic base IV pole. These new IV Poles serve as a key addition to Brewerís current offering and will allow distributors to access more IV Poles models with the same quality, service, and seven-day lead day as the entire line of Brewer products