Pharmed Group Celebrates its 25th anniversary

Edition: December 2005 - Vol 13 Number 12
Article#: 2283
Author: Repertoire

Pharmed Group celebrated its 25th anniversary by establishing the De Cespedes/Pharmed Family Foundation, designed to help children in South Florida.

“The De Cespedes/Pharmed Family Foundation was created to help children, specifically addressing educational needs in our community,” said Carlos de Cespedes, chairman and CEO of Pharmed Group. “Throughout the years we have helped dozens upon dozens of worthwhile causes in the area. We felt it was time we created our own foundation to address those areas most near and dear to our hearts. The Foundation is focusing its efforts this year on dealing with childhood obesity issues.”

Pharmed Group was founded in 1980 by brothers Carlos and Jorge de Cespedes in a 230 square-foot office and distribution center in Miami, selling primarily medical and pharmaceutical supplies to Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, the company is said to be the largest minority independent, full-line distributor of med/surg and pharmaceutical supplies, and materials management services provider in the United States. The company is on the Top 10 list of largest Hispanic-owned companies in the country, distributing more than 25,000 products to hospitals and medical centers in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Headquartered in Miami, Pharmed operates an 87,000-square-foot distribution facility and office building west of Miami International Airport. In addition, the company has regional distribution centers in Tampa, Fla., and Cleveland, Ohio, and maintains regional operations with its affiliates in Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil and the Caribbean. It also provides product inventory, sales support and marketing from its Miami headquarters.

Pharmed Group was awarded the 2004 Hispanic Business Magazine’s Trade Industry Entrepreneur of the Year.