In Appreciation of Their Efforts

Edition: January 2004 - Vol 12 Number 01
Article#: 1741
Author: Chris Kelly

With the addition of two inductees into the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame, itís a great time to reflect on the contributions of the new Hall of Fame members, as well as the people who preceded them. They have literally shaped the industry we work in today, and I think we would all agree itís still one of the best places to earn a living.

Both of this yearís inductees were students and strong supporters of the medical distribution business. Although they approached the business from two different angles, they certainly shared a number of traits. They were both entrepreneurs and leaders, who believed they could make a difference in this business. Ransdellís focus was on technology, while McKnight upheld his belief that it was the sales person who controlled what hospitals and physicians purchased.

Ransdell was right on in his belief that technology was would play an important role in the way products went to market. And although it seems like an easy call to make today, it certainly wasnít in the late 1970s and early 1980s. What was even more powerful was his belief that the organization and efficiency delivered by technology was ultimately a sales tool that could be used to get more business in an account.

The recognition that highly educated sales people, armed with unique cost saving opportunities driven by technology, could do more than just sell Ė they could consult and lead their customers Ė was huge. It literally changed the role of his sales people, and the industry continues to follow that model today. The best sales people are the ones who bring more to the table than just transactional capabilities.

McKnight also recognized the power that was in the hands of the sales reps. That was the driving force behind the launch of his first magazine, MPS. He was right then, and I believe he would still be right today. Although we have market segments that act quite differently, sales people are still the determining factor in what gets priority in their accounts. Thatís especially true in the physician and long-term care markets, but also in the acute care market, although the selling might be done at different levels.

Like many of you, we truly appreciate the efforts of the people who came before us and made this industry what it is today. While the annual Hall of Fame induction is a wonderful experience, we would like to take it one step further.

We will create an official Hall of Fame that will be located in our Georgia office. With our move into new office space in late December, we now have room to create a special area that recognizes each Hall of Fame member, which weíre very excited about. So if youíre traveling our way, please make it a point to stop in and take a look! By the way, please make note of our new address:

5445 Triangle Parkway
Suite 170
Norcross, GA 30092

Best wishes in the New Year.