Quotable Quotes from 2003

Edition: December 2003 - Vol 11 Number 12
Article#: 1732
Author: Repertoire

Some lines are worth repeating. As another year comes to a close, we hope you glean some insight and inspiration from your industry colleagues who were quoted for various stories in Repertoire during 2003.

"One day you'll learn that we're calling on friends, not customers."

- John McGuire Sr., 2003 Hall-of-Fame inductee (as recalled by sales rep Mike O'Connor)

"He defined relationship-selling. He taught me that people buy from people. And he taught me that there are'nt any shortcuts to product knowledge and hustle."

- Dave Swanson Jr. (speaking of his father Dave Swanson, who passed away in late 2002)

"Success is measured by what you're willing to do for anyone."

-George Soutiere, who retired this year from Med Care Associates

"We tell our customers we're like an employee of their medical practice. Our customers can count on us to get the job done. People call us any time - even at home."

- Tony Vernola of family-run Ocean Medical Supply

"What we banked on - and it turned out to be true - was that the community hospital in America was never going to go away."

- Hue Thomas, who retired this year from Owens & Minor

"Success in this market is based on having the best product, the best field support and the best sales tools. And there also has to be something in it for the reps to bring our products to their customers."

- Jim Berdela of BD (speaking about spiffs/promotions)

"Good sales skills without a very good understanding of the product often leads to empty promises."

- Repertoire reader published in E-Vent ("Shut up, Listen Up: Eternal Lessons for Sales Training")

"I can assure you, that if company A, B or C has a better mousetrap, and if it helps my operation, I'm going to buy it. I don't care what anybody says. If it's a genuine, breakthrough technology, my doctors wouldn't allow me not to buy it."

- Steve Cohen of MedStar Health

"The relationship between manufacturers and distributors can be just as volatile as a marriage on the rocks."

- Mike Farragher of LifeSign

"When I'm in my office, if I see one of the phone lines blinking, I'll pick it up. I don't want anybody on hold. It's an opportunity for me to visit with the customer."

- Al Borchardt of Midland Medical

"If manufacturers have innovative products and clinicians want them, the clinicians will get them, regardless of what the GPOs say."

- Robert Betz of the Health Industry Group Purchasing Association (HIGPA)

"You may have the best product and service, but if the guy across the desk doesn't trust you, it's useless."

- James R. Barnes of Cardinal Health, recipient of the 2003 Repertoire/HIDA Sales Award

"I cannot overstress the importance of salespeople studying their product lines."

- John Bryant, founder of John T. Bryant Inc.