Forty Years Ago

Edition: September 2003 - Vol 11 Number 09
Article#: 1665
Author: Repertoire

From the pages of the ASTA Journal.

Dr. MacGuire to head up ASTA Inter-Industry Luncheon

Hugh C. MacGuire, M.D., brainchild of the “hospital of tomorrow,” will headline the Inter-Industry luncheon of ASTA’s 58th meeting, to be held in Chicago. The hospital, called the Atomedic Hospital, would be a circular structure, 100 ft. in diameter, containing accommodations for 24 patients. The idea is to make neighborhood hospitals, each serving a population of 2,500 to 5,000 people.

ASTA Presents First Scholarship Awards

ASTA Secretary Frank Rhatigan, acting on behalf of the ASTA and the public relations committee, presented ASTA’s scholarship award and its new plaque for the first time to the University of Minnesota’s program in hospital administration.

Joe Barker Retires, Shaw Supply Salesman for 32 years

Joe Barker, who joined Shaw Supply in Portland, Ore., and Tacoma, Wash., retired in August. He joined the company in 1929. He covered the cities and towns of Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. He had some lean years along the way. “I did a good business for the first 18 months of the Depression, but then the bottom dropped out.”

Lansing Chapman, Honorary Member, Dies at 72

William Lansing Chapman Sr., long the editor and publisher of the ASTA Journal, and an honorary member of ASTA, died in New Haven, Conn. Born in 1888, Chapman and Dr. W. Sheridan Baketel, a professor of preventive medicine, founded the magazine Medical Economics. He became editor of the ASTA Journal in 1927 and retired in 1951, when ASTA moved its editorial offices to Chicago.

Source: January 1961 ASTA Journal. ASTA was the American Surgical Trade Association. Its name was later changed to HIDA.