Visualize Your Success

Edition: May 2003 - Vol 11 Number 05
Article#: 1549
Author: Rich Wilkins

After the Vietnam War, an Air Force captain who had been a prisoner of war for over seven years was interviewed by a well-known reporter. The former POW had just played a superb game in a golf tournament after having been absent from the game for over eight years.

When the reporter mentioned his surprise at the captain’s skill after so long an absence, the captain said, “I’ve played that hole perfectly for the last seven years.” The reporter replied, “I thought you hadn’t played golf in the last eight years.” The captain said, “Well, actually I haven’t physically played the game in the last eight years. However, for the last seven years in my cell as a POW I have been playing this hole mentally.”

More and more successful people today use creative visualization and self-affirmation principles to focus on their successes. Many Olympic athletes use these same principles to become medal winners in worldwide competition. Many business people use the same principles to focus on the outcomes they want in their businesses.

Salespeople can positively affirm the feelings they want to create and visualize the outcomes they want to obtain. For any event you want to master, or any success you want to achieve, visualize the steps you need to take to obtain the successful outcome. Along with visualizing the outcome, you must visualize with emotion every step towards the outcome you want to achieve. As you visualize each step with emotional impact by getting all five senses involved, you will maximize the impact it has on your subconscious mind (your success mechanism).

Creative visualization is what I consider practicing basics. Practice it faithfully, and you will experience the results that are bound to come your way. Remember, a clear image plus faith equals reality.

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