New, Expanded
DreamTeam Xtreme Promo Starts April 1

Edition: April 2003 - Vol 11 Number 04
Article#: 1525
Author: Repertoire

Of all the promotions in the industry, the new Dream Team Xtreme program stands out in its ability to offer dealer reps exactly what they want in prizes – and not simply a pre-set list of mundane awards. Another unique feature of Dream Team Xtreme is that dealer reps can earn their dream prize by selling any combination of qualifying products from ten different companies (and growing). With unlimited prize choices – and enough ways to earn points toward prizes – it is heavily predicted that the Dream Team Xtreme will be the industry’s most appealing and rewarding promotion for dealer reps in 2003.

Scott Fanning, founder of 95% Share Marketing, helped create the new Dream Team Xtreme program and believes that this new promotion will work well because the award “…is the rep’s dream, not that of somebody who puts just another catalog together. Over 200 manufacturer sales reps will be working with the dealer reps to make sure their dreams come true.” Scott should know about promotions. During his long, successful career, Scott has been the creator of many of the industry’s legendary promotions, and he’s very excited about the set up of the Dream Team Xtreme’s 2003 program. “Maybe this was what Victor Hugo meant when he said, there is something stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come” Fanning said. That could be your dream.

For dealer reps looking for ways to improve their family’s lifestyle or satisfy a dream, Dream Team Xtreme can grant their wishes with a special vacation, long-awaited luxury instrument or vehicle (i.e., Steinway Piano or a Harley!), higher education (college tuition?) – or anything else they can dream.