New Products

Edition: April 2003 - Vol 11 Number 04
Article#: 1519
Author: Repertoire

New Products from Carstens Identify Patients

And Medical Charts in Need of Attention

Patients and medical charts requiring physician or staff attention are quickly and efficiently identified with new Exam Room Flags, Stat-Chek Alerts and 3M Post-it Flags from Carstens Inc., a leading provider of medical charting systems.

Easily wall-mounted outside of examination room doors, Carstens’ Exam Room Flags are designed to help increase efficiency of patient care by quickly signaling to physicians, nurses and other medical staff the level of attention required. Clearly visible from a distance, the brightly colored flags extend eight and a quarter inches from the wall. Exam Room Flag units are available in three-, four- or six-flag configurations.

Carstens’ Stat-Chek Alerts effectively flag charts requiring attention with movable slides that expose a variety of alert colors. After the alert has been attended to, the slide can be moved to a position that deactivates the alert. Uni-color Stat-Chek Alerts, available in a choice of four colors, and duo-color Stat-Chek Alerts in six, two-color combinations, may be adhered to any smooth, flat, clean surface, including ring binders, clipboards or spring-loaded chart holders.

Carstens’ new 3M Post-it Flags cost-efficiently identify medical charts requiring signatures, review or other action. Available in red, yellow, orange, green, blue or purple, 50 flags – either blank or pre-printed with messages such as “Doctor Please Sign” or “Nurse to Check”– are packaged in a sleek adhesive dispenser.

New DuoPro Safety Syringe:


DuoProSS, the Farmingdale, N.Y.-based American division of M.K. Meditech Company, is marketing a new safety syringe called the “Bak’Snap.” This product is easy-to-use, reliable and extremely safe. A two-stage locking procedure safely locks the syringe barrel after use. The operator then snaps off the drawn-out plunger, rendering the apparatus useless.

DuoPro safety syringes are less expensive than the current popular American market leaders’ products and are the ideal component for emergency response, clinical, diagnostic and laboratory test kits. Each compound syringe comes with a changeable needle and is available in 1cc through 20cc sizes.

Successfully patented in the United States, Germany, France, Taiwan and China, additional patents are pending worldwide for DuoProSS.

New Foaming Enzymatic Spray:EmPower Foam

New from Metrex, EmPower Foam is a ready-to-use foaming dual enzymatic spray perfect for the pre-cleaning of instruments. The thick foaming spray effectively cleans away blood, tissue, mucous and other protein-rich body fluids. EmPower Foam saves time by starting the pre-cleaning process for you. Perfect for use in surgery, central processing and other departments where instrument cleaning is not immediately available.

Miltex Expands its OB-GYN Product Line

Miltex Inc. recently announced the launch of Miltex LEEP Electrosurgical Instrumentation. This line includes the highest quality German crafted instruments, thermally insulated with a blue nylon coating, which exceeds normal high voltage testing requirements. The Miltex LEEP product offering includes a full range of vaginal specula with smoke evacuation, endocervical specula, lateral retractors, hooks and forceps. Many styles come with both coated and exposed tips.

Mallinckrodt Introduces New Ultra Compact Optistat Contrast Delivery System

Mallinckrodt continues to reinforce its position as a total solutions provider for contrast delivery with the introduction of the new OptiStat contrast delivery system. The first ultra compact power injector of its kind in the U.S., the OptiStat contrast delivery system is highly functional, yet designed to provide both operational simplicity and optimum efficiency.

The OptiStat injector is ideal for CT, general X-ray, CT Mobile coaches, and I.V.P.procedures. Utilizing proven Mallinckrodt injector technology, the OptiStat contrast delivery system is remarkably economical and highly versatile. The system can be utilized independently or interfaced to a larger, fully featured CT injector, such as the Mallinckrodt CT 9000 ADV contrast delivery system. The OptiStat injector provides users with the ability to deliver larger volumes of contrast or saline following a contrast injection. Technicians and radiologists are able to administer contrast delivery and/or saline flush with maximum control. The OptiStat contrast delivery system also serves as a useful back-up injector in instances when a facility’s primary CT injector is experiencing service downtime.

For added convenience and safety, the powerhead accommodates Mallinckrodt Ultraject pre-filled syringes or a Liebel-Flarsheim 130 ml disposable syringe. Easy loading of syringes results in faster procedures and fewer problems with drips and spills. A wall hanger is included for easy accessibility and convenient storage between procedures.