Winners Circle Jeep Wrangler

Edition: April 2003 - Vol 11 Number 04
Article#: 1500
Author: Repertoire

There’s a new, 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport in one sales rep’s future, an adventure trip for two for another and a complete home theater package for a third. Shortly after this issue of Repertoire goes to press, the names of these lucky reps will be announced at the IMCO National Convention, which will be held April 5-9 at the Adams Mark in Jacksonville, Fla.

One thing’s for sure: The reps will be among the top 23 finalists out of the 350 reps in IMCO’s 2002 Winner’s Circle National Sales Promotion. (See accompanying list below.) Already in its third year, the Winner’s Circle promotion honors those reps who were most successful in selling products of participating manufacturers in a series of 60-day promotions in 2002.

Last year, Howard Shiffman of Cornell Surgical in Bergenfield, N.J., won an Inferno Red Chrysler 2002 PT Cruiser Limited Edition.

This year’s contest was made up of four 60-day promotions, with only two vendors per period, explains IMCO President Bill McLaughlin. The vendors represented products from all major markets.

In order to qualify for prizes, distributors had to participate in three of the four promotions (though they could commit to selling products from just one of the two vendors). At the end of each promotion period, distributors were responsible for reporting to IMCO their top three reps, based on the criteria, qualifiers and agreed-upon scoring system for both promos in the promotional period. IMCO maintained a running total of all points awarded to each sales rep, and provided updates to the members throughout the year. Those reps with the highest cumulative scores from each member location received Winner’s Circle Finalist status.

The participating vendor sponsors in 2002 were:

• Dukal

• Miltex

• Duro-Med Industries

• Immunostics Inc.

• Smith +Nephew Wound Care

• Burdick (formerly Spacelabs Medical)

• Gojo.

McLaughlin says he’s pleased with how the Winner’s Circle program is progressing, noting that it has allowed IMCO members to build volume and margins, and establish new accounts. Most of the promotions have gone very well, he says. “Several have increased as much as 30 percent to 48 percent in 60 days with a multi-million dollar base.”

McLaughlin believes that IMCO is uniquely qualified to sponsor promotional programs such as the Winner’s Circle. Quoting Scott Fanning of 95% Share Marketing, a medical marketing consulting firm based in Lisle, Ill., IMCO operates as a “united selling machine,” he says. “This is very powerful. When 500 or more salespeople promote the same products at the same time, the impact is felt nationally.”

Already, IMCO has laid the groundwork for the 2003 Winner’s Circle program. Each promotional period has been increased to 75 days (instead of 60), and IMCO has added an additional promotional period, bringing the total to five. Members must participate in at least three of the five promotional periods to qualify for Finalist status.

“If every IMCO member fully participates, we’ll send a message that we can operate as a national team,” says McLaughlin. “Our success will be unbelievable and even better promotions will be forthcoming.”