New Products

Edition: March 2003 - Vol 11 Number 03
Article#: 1485
Author: Repertoire

Bledsoe Brace Systems Introduces the Philippon K.A.F. Positioning Kit

The Bledsoe Philippon K.A.F. (Knee, Ankle, Foot) Positioning Kit – developed in collaboration with Marc Philippon, M.D., director of sports medicine/hip disorders at the University of Pittsburgh – offers protection to patients during and after hip arthroscopy.

The Philippon K.A.F. Positioning Kit serves a dual purpose:

· During the arthroscopic procedure, the padded booties protect the skin, feet and ankles of the patient from high intraoperative traction forces placed on the legs.

· Following hip arthroscopy, the booties, along with the knee band, hold the patient’s feet and legs together preventing hip rotation, adduction or abduction while allowing the patient to sleep comfortably.

The Philippon K.A.F. Positioning Kit is made from double-thick, ultra-breathable polyurethane foam with a soft loop pile surface. The product pads and protects the patient in a comfortable manner.

Four D Rubber Launches Latex-free Physio Exercise Band

Physiotherapists can offer their patients effective resistive exercise treatment without the natural rubber protein allergy risk, thanks to a new range of latex-free bands from Four D Rubber Company.

The new non-latex resistive exercise bands are made from synthetic KRATON IR polymer. They provide the performance of natural rubber latex bands, such as strength, elasticity, flexibility and durability, together with the same soft, smooth feel. However, they do not contain any natural rubber, and the absence of the naturally occurring allergenic proteins found in natural rubber latex avoids the potential of allergic reactions.

The bands are available in three resistance grades that cover the full range of stretch/strength required by physiotherapists for injury rehabilitation therapy. The level of resistance is increased the further each band is stretched. The bands can be stretched repeatedly, display excellent elongation and recover their form well.

By designing a three-band system to replace the typical multi-band systems currently used by physiotherapists, stocking, ordering and prescribing is made easier and costs can be reduced. To further simplify use, the new bands are available in three distinct colors, coded according to light (pink), medium (blue) or heavy (violet) resistance, and are produced in two roll lengths.

MeadWestvaco Introduces Surepak Unit-Dose Packaging

MeadWestvaco’s Global Healthcare Packaging Group recently introduced Surepak, a senior-friendly and child-resistant unit-dose packaging solution. Surepak has achieved child-resistance at F=1 levels, the safest U.S. government rating for medical packaging, which means that any inner blister card used with the new package can now have an F=1 level of child resistance.

Surepak consists of a tear-resistant paperboard cover wrapped around a high-strength plastic frame. A proprietary locking mechanism on one side of the frame snaps closed over the cover and holds it securely in place. When the lock is disengaged and the cover is lifted, an inner blister card nests back inside the frame, leaving sufficient space for CD-ROMs, brochures, safety and compliance guidelines and other product information.

Surepak delivers the compliance advantages of unit-dosing packaging, which is part of the fastest growing segment of the medical packaging market, because its inner blister card is an integrated part of the package. Use of unit-dose packaging is rapidly expanding in the United States, and is already established in Europe. The new package joins Dosepak, as part of the MeadWestvaco family of compliance products for high-level child-resistant medical packaging.