Publisher's letter

Edition: February 2003 - Vol 11 Number 02
Article#: 1446
Author: Repertoire

When we unveiled the new format of Repertoire last month, we said very little about our new tagline, For Leaders in Healthcare Sales. We did reaffirm our commitment to provide you with information that will make a positive difference in your performance - thought-provoking content, timely looks at key issues and trends, inside takes on leading industry players, updates on new products and services, and educational articles on the products you sell. In short, we've committed our resources to the Leaders in Healthcare Sales.

Who are the Leaders? We believe they would be categorized as the achievers - the ones who truly bring value to their customers, their companies, their suppliers, and their peers. Their characteristics should be easily recognized, because they look like the successful sales reps we profile in Repertoire every month:

·They are product experts. They understand there is no substitute for product knowledge. They're the ones using EOL1, paying attention and asking questions at sales meeting, and asking the manufacturers they do business with for everything they need to become the expert.

·They are industry experts. They don't view themselves as outsiders - they understand the issues their accounts face day in and day out. Be it CLIA regulations, reimbursement cuts or CPT coding issues, they understand the issues well enough to discuss, and often recommend, successful strategies and products that can help their customers.

·They form relationships that will last a lifetime. For them it's not about their own agenda, it's about the customer's agenda. When the customers recognize this behavior, it builds the foundation of long-lasting relationships. Customers know they can be comfortable, and trust that sales person to do what is best for them.

·They understand their customer's needs. Perhaps more importantly, they are committed to meeting those needs. Call them professional problem solvers because that is their specialty. And they uncover those needs by really listening to their customers.

·They are team players. They view their companies, managers, peers and co-workers as an integral part of their success. That doesn't mean they are easy on them, but it does mean they are quick to share the credit and recognize others that help them be successful.

·They have the right attitude. They will go the extra mile and be happy about it. They're up early, out the door and hustling to create business. Obstacles are not a problem. In fact, more often than not, they see them as an opportunity - an opportunity to show a customer, manager, co-worker or peer that they really care.

Many people in our industry like to cite statistics. A common one when it comes to sales reps is the 80/20 rule, as in only 20 percent of sales reps are top notch performers - the Leaders in Healthcare Sales. Our belief is that many more sales people can operate at a higher level. But it requires commitment to everyone you touch in your business life.

On our side we're doing our best to live up to our commitment to you. We believe the number of people qualified to become leaders is far higher than 20 percent. So the question is, are you ready to become a leader?

Chris Kelly and Brian Taylor