Holiday Gift Guide

Edition: November 2002 - Vol 10 Number 11
Article#: 1342
Author: Repertoire

It’ll soon be the holidays. What to get your customers, your spouse, your sales reps, your manufacturers’ reps? This year, why not go with a medical theme? Repertoire scoured the websites of medical associations as well as the “toys” section of to find a variety of toys, games and books for those special people in your life.

Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

· Black sweatshirt with teal AORN logo: $28.75.

· Blue stainless steel mug with logo: $14.75.

· Silver heart keychain with logo: $8.15.

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International Association of Health Care Central Service Materiel Management

· Baseball cap with IAHCSMM logo. Choose from three colors. $12.

· T-shirt with maroon or navy trim, with IAHCSMM logo: $7.

· Blue magnetic pen with logo: $2.50.

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Society of Vascular Technology

· Blue long-sleeve T-shirt with SVT logo: $15 (non-member).

· Gray short-sleeve T-shirt with “Vascular Technology…A total body experience”: $15.

· Denim long-sleeve shirt (Bill Blass design) with logo: $45.

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Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management

· Navy pique knit OuterBanks® polo shirt with AHRMM logo: $31.99.

· 14 oz. coffee cup with AHRMM logo: $4.99.

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American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

· Black or navy polo shirts with AANA logo: $35.

· Teal Waterman fountain pen with logo: $45.

· St. Rene pendant (Patron of True Anesthetists): $35.

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American Respiratory Care Foundation

Holiday cards. Four designs (three cards each) featuring the jolly RT snowman; the amusing reindeer having his checkup by RT elves (both cards read inside "Have a happy, healthy, holiday season"); the cute moose, bear, and rabbit -- "Let Heaven and nature breathe" (blank inside); and the card that says "Don't forget your prescription this holiday season…. (inside reads: “Take plenty of joy with a whole lot of peace”). 4 5/8 in. x 6 ¼ in. $14.95 per set.

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American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

· Scrub shirts with AACN logo. Choice of ciel blue, seafoam green and white. $22.50 to $26.50.

· Rosewood pen in velvet pouch, with AACN logo: $11.

· Women’s and men’s polo shirts, in white or navy. $21.75 to $31.75.


American Academy of Family Physicians

· Two-tone brass key chain with AAFP seal medallion: $15.

· AAFP brass clock: $50.

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Medical Kit by Fisher-Price (3-7 years).

Kid’s kit is filled with realistic looking medical instruments, including a blood pressure cuff with spinning gauge, working stethoscope that "shows" a heartbeat, "sick to well" thermometer, spring loaded syringe, bracelet style bandage, eye chart and write and wipe clipboard. (Amazon review) $9.99

Little Doctor Kit by International Playthings (24 months to 5 years).

Features an electronic stethoscope; press the button to hear coughing sounds or a steady heartbeat. Blood pressure gauge complete with arm cuff, pump and spinning dial. Also included are reflex hammer, thermometer with four different temperature readings, syringe that squeaks, auriscope to check ears, laryngoscope to view inside the mouth and reusable pretend bandage. $19.99

Baby Doctor Barbie Doll by Mattel. (3 years and up).

This Barbie comes with two babies and everything that’s needed to examine them, including exam table, stethoscope and more. Available in African-American version. $19.99

Imaginarium Doctor Kit by Imaginarium (3 years and up).

Scrubs, stethoscope and doctor bag. $19.99 (

Bear in the Big Blue House: Visiting the Doctor With Bear (VHS, 1997) (ages 3-7).

After tackling the potty, Bear takes on another childhood fear: the doctor. In two episodes, Bear uses his tender touch and unflappable upbeat attitude to calm his friends when Dr. Hog visits in "A Big Blue House Call." Ojo is especially queasy about the visit, fearing the Mt. Everest of doctor visits--the dreaded shot. Through song and talking about the facts, Bear lets everyone know a checkup is full of good things for you and a shot, if necessary, only hurts for a moment. In "That Healing Feeling," Bear takes Tutter to Dr. Hog's to examine the mouse's crushed tail. Learning how the doctor's tools work, including the x-ray, calms Tutter. (Amazon review) $9.95

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Your Doctor (VHS, 1995) $9.98.

Arthur Goes to the Doctor (VHS, 2001) (ages 5 to 12).

This trio of Arthur episodes explores familiar, yet often misunderstood childhood maladies. In the first tale, viewers learn how blood cells fight infection after Arthur scrapes his knee as a result of a covert visit to the dump. The tetanus shot he receives is not as painful as D.W.'s valiant efforts to refrain from tattling. Asthma gets star billing in the next story when a guided tutorial of Buster's lungs finally convinces his friends that his breathing condition is not contagious. The third episode, "The Lousy Week," offers an entertaining exposé on head lice when an army of zealous nits (in combat fatigues) invades Muffy's school. (Amazon review) $9.98

Froggy Goes to the Doctor, a book by Jonathan London (Frank Remkiewicz, illustrator). (preschool and older).

Kids who go to the doctor for a routine checkup shouldn't worry too much. Unless they accidentally throw a paper airplane ("Zwish!") into the doctor's eye. Or forget to wear underwear. ("Oops!") Or kick the doctor in the chin when she's testing knee reflexes with a little rubber hammer. ("Clack!") Froggy is his usual out-of-control self in Dr. Mugwort's office, and preschoolers pondering an impending doctor visit will be relieved to know it won't be too bad, might be fun, and could even involve a gold star or a lollipop. (Amazon review) $11.19.

Operation, a game by Milton Bradley (6 years and up).

The Operation game board features Sam the patient, lying atop a red plastic "operating table" with 12 body cavities exposed. Players perform highly skilled procedures with a pair of tweezers such as removing a broken heart or butterflies in the stomach. Doctors must remove the offending body part without touching the metal lining of the cavity. Touch the metal edge, and you'll set off the buzzer and make Sam's nose light up. Then the designated specialist steps in--for double the fee! (Amazon review). $9.99. (Also available: Operation Brain Surgery.)

START EXPLORING™ Gray's Anatomy: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book, by Freddy Stark (ages 4-8).

Sixty detailed drawings, designed for coloring, are enhanced by detailed text describing each illustration. $8.95

The Anatomy Coloring Book (2nd Edition), by Wynn Kapit, Lawrence M. Elson

163 detailed illustrations are organized according to body system and a color-key system links terminology to illustrations. $13.99

Instant Home Medical Advisor (4 CD-ROM set for Windows 95/98/NT/Me), by Topics Entertainment

This is a package containing four medical resources. The Merck Manual of Medical Information contains over 1,200 illustrations and explanations of medical conditions explained in plain language. Family Medical Information provides a disease and treatment reference guide with illustrations, drug monographs, profiles and advice on psychologicaldisorders, and a medical dictionary. The Herbal Remedy Finder and Homeopathic Remedy Finder enable you to punch your symptoms and ailments into a database in order to find a diagnosis and natural remedy. (Amazon description). $19.99

The Music Of General Hospital (TV series soundtrack).

OK, this might be stretching things a bit. But it does say “hospital” in the title. (Also check out the Official General Hospital Trivia Book by Gerard J. Wagget.)