Miltex Event Takes Place ''At the Black''

Edition: July 2002 - Vol 10 Number 07
Article#: 1286
Author: Repertoire

Bethpage, NY–
It's very hard to turn your back on a good opportunity – especially when it's practically in your own backyard. Miltex, Inc. agrees.

When the company moved its headquarters to Bethpage a few years ago, no doubt a number of its employees who doubled as serious weekend golfers were aware that Bethpage is home to the famous Bethpage Black Golf Course. Since Miltex's new facility is in close proximity to the golf course, it was a natural for the company to plan an event in conjunction with one of golf's most important tournaments, the 102nd U.S. Open.

''We knew that this was a great opportunity to share this event with our business partners and employees,'' said Lora Rios, director of marketing for Miltex. ''After investigating a number of options, we decided to participate in a hospitality tent located across from the golf course.'' Each day of the Open, Miltex was able to invite several business partners from the surgical, dental and veterinary markets, as well as its own employees, to attend the tournament, enjoy the corporate tent and take a quick tour of the Miltex facility.

The hospitality tent was run by SMA, a leading provider of corporate hospitality facilities at major sporting events throughout the world. Although guests were unable to take advantage of the course, they had the opportunity to relax in the tent and enjoy all of its amenities – including multiple TV screens and tips from a golf pro who analyzed each guest's golf swing.

With its facility less than two miles from Bethpage Black, however, the Miltex Sales and Marketing departments could offer guests a chance to try out their private indoor course designed especially for the occasion. Complete with putting greens, sand traps and ponds, the nine-hole Miltex course meandered throughout the offices and warehouse of Miltex's 25,000 square foot facility, offering varying levels of difficulty and challenge. Winners were awarded guest passes to the official U.S. Open Golf Tournament. The course was donated to a local hospital after it was taken down.

The event was a success. Even the heavy rains that drenched the Metro New York area were not enough to spoil Miltex's party. ''We're glad we had a dry and comfortable setting to offer to our business partners,'' said Bob Pugliesi, Miltex executive vice president. ''[The hospitality tent] was a great spot to dry off, as well as relax and watch favorite golf pros compete on the very difficult Bethpage Black Course.''