1960 Exhibitors' List

Edition: June 2002 - Vol 10 Number 06
Article#: 1259
Author: Repertoire

Exhibitor Displaying

Acme Cotton Products: Plaster of paris bandage
ADC Drapery Track Corp.: Cubi
-Trac hospital cubicle curtain track
Adjustable Fixture Co.: Bed lamp
Aeroplast Corp.: Vi-Drape surgical film and Vi-Hesive adherant
Alconox Inc.: Detergents
Allison Co., W.D.: “75” Collection of exam room furniture
Ambco Inc.: Audiometer
American Cystoscope Makers:Fiber optic systems
American Medical Instrument Corp.: Tuncarb needle holders, scissors
American Metal Furniture Co.: American Lifetime treatment room furniture
American Optical Co.: “Bright-line” Hemacytometer
American Sterilizer Co.: Steam and boiling type office and clinic sterilizers, etc.
American Wheel Chair:Supreme model wheel chairs
Arnar-Stone Laboratories:Americaine topical anesthetic aerosol
A.S.R. Products: Steri-Sharps stainless steel surgical blade
Atlantic Alloy Industries: Stainless steel hospital equipment
Austenal Co.:Austa-Lube dry film lubricant
Baltimore Biological Laboratory: Rimseal sterile disposable plated media
Bard, C.R.: Bardic Util-Cath plastic urethral catheter
Bard-Parker Co.: Stainless steel surgeons' blade
Barry Laboratories: Injectable pharmaceutical and allergy service
Bauer & Black: Curity sutures
Baum, W.A.: Air-Lok blood pressure cuff with Velcro
Beam Metal Specialties: Beam-Matic patient chart racks and wheeled carriers
Rudolph Beaver: Miniature blade knife
Beck-Lee Corp.: Cardi-O-Mite EKG
Becton, Dickinson & Co: Hospital tubing set line
Bel-Art Products: Rack for drying gloves, etc.
Blickman S., Inc.: Operating room equipment
Borg-Warner: All-electric motorized beds
Brady, George W. & Co.: Hard rubber developing tank
Brewer, E.F. Co.: Overbed table
Bunn Corp., The John: Franklin Hospital bed
Burdick Corp.: ECG
Burton Manufacturing Co.: Surgical examining lights
Calley & Currier: Angulated handle crutch
Camp & Company, S.H.: Cervibrace
Carrom Industries: “3000” Group hospital furniture
Carstens Mfg. Co.: Front surface laryngeal mirrors, pneumatic osteotome, etc.
Castle Co., Wilmot: 5000” operating table
Central States Paper and Bag: Steri-Blue glassine sterilizer bags
Chattanooga Pharmacal: Heating units
Chesebrough-Pond's: Sterile dressings
Chicago Surgical and Electrical: Lab incubators
Clay-Adams: Thrombitron prothrombin test unit
Community Metal Products: Patient furniture
Conco Surgical Products: Rubber elastic bandage
Continental Scale: Chair scale
Cross Country Paper Products: Exama sanitized doctor rolls
Curvlite Surgical Products: Sterile intravenous tubing
Cutter Laboratories: Saftisystem 28 IV system
Dallons Laboratories: Futura Meditherm Model 1600A
Davol Rubber Co.: Patient care expendables
Deknatel & Son, Inc., J.A.: K needle
Demain & Co., George: Bulls Eye indicator sterilizer bags
Detecto Scales: Physician's scale
Dittmar and Penn: Surgical instruments
Duke Laboratories: Elastic adhesive bandages and dressings
Electrodyne Co.: Miniature all-transistor pacemaker
Engelhard Industries: Diagnostic and therapeutic instruments
Erie Co.: Recovery room stretcher
Gomco Surgical Mfg.: Suction and suction ether units
Goodrich Industrial Products: Surgical gloves
Graham-Field Surgical Co.: Ejecta thermometer case
Greenwald Surgical Co.: Electrodes, accessories
Greer Co., John F.: Colostomy compact
Grieshaber Mfg. Co: Surgeons' instruments
Hamilton Mfg.:Modular storage units
Hard Mfg.: Reclining-back easy chair
Hartmann-Leddon Co.: Distributor services
Hausmann Woodwork Inc., W.R.: Adjustable wheel chair tray
Hellige Inc.: Reagents and specialties
Higgs Associates Inc., Homer: Sani-Pac incontinent pants
Hudson Oxygen Therapy Sales: First aid equipment
Hyland Laboratories: Serums for the Coombs antiglobulin test
Hypo Surgical Supply: Clinical thermometers
Ille Electric Corp.: Mobile sitz bath chair
Inland Bed Co.: Steel furniture for patient rooms and staff residences
Invalex Co.: Children's training walker, traction stands, etc.
Johnson & Johnson: Scan sterile spray-on-wound dressing
Kansas City Assemblage Co.: Padgett manual dermatrome
Kellogg Corset Co.: Lumbosacral supports for women
Kidde Mfg. Co.: Cervical forceps applicator for dry ice therapy of cervical lesions
Kny-Scheerer:Surgical instruments
Koenigkramer Co., F. & F.: Reliance motor hydraulic ENT examination and treatment chair
Lafayette Pharmacal:Cream for use in electrocardiography and encephalography
Lawton Co.: Sullivan vein stripper
Lehn & Fink Products:Spray-on form of Amphyl hospital disinfectant
Levy Co., Harry: Bed rail
Logan Inc.: HotPak cabinet
Lumex Inc.: Geriatric chair
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works: Ditriokon contrast medium for angiocardiography
Massillon rubber Co.:Disposable latex surgeons' gloves
McKesson Appliance Co.: Automatic Vitalor
Medical Fabrics Co.: Medron poly flex elastic bandage
Medipoint Inc.: Blood lancets
Melrose Hospital Uniform: Hospital uniforms, binders, OR sheets, etc.
Metro Medical Distributors: Sole U.S. and Canadian distributors for Rusch catheters
Mettler Electronics Corp.: Ultrasonic cleaner
Miltenberg Inc., E.: Surgical instruments, blood pressure apparatus, etc.
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing: Scotch brand surgical tape
Nusbaum and Associates, Hermien: Male urinal
O.E.M. Corp.: PremieAIRE incubator
Ohio Chemical & Surgical Equipment: Resuscitator-inhalator-aspirator
Orthopedic Frame Co.: Stryker portable wheel stretcher
Parke, Davis & Co.: Surgical dressings
Pelton & Crane Co.: Pel-Clave sterilizer
Perry Rubber Co.: Latex surgeon's gloves
Pharmaseal Laboratories: Stylex disposable syringe
Pioneer Rubber Co.: Rollpruf flat-banded surgical glove
Port-Lift Mfg.:Lifting unit
Professional Specialties Inc.:Hospital laboratory glassware and clinical supplies
Professional Tape Co.: Reactor tape for sterilization
Propper Mfg. Co.:Hi-Speed time-card indicators
Puritan Compressed Gas: Oxygen nebulizer
Randall Faichney Corp.: Sharp-Et disposable hypodermic needle
Ritter Company: Ritter Universal Table
Roehr Products Co.: Monoject 502 1/2 polypropylene syringe
Rotary Hospital Equipment: Glove powderer
Schell Leather Goods: Emdee bags
Scholl Mfg. Co.: Tubegauz bandage
Schueler & Co.: Benzocaine, burn spray
Scientific Equipment Mfg. Co.: Autoclave
Seamless Rubber Co.: Kolor-sized and Kolor-Mark gloves
Shampaine Co.: Operating table
Shampaine Electric Co.: Sterilizer
Shelley Professional Products: Futura exam table
Sierra Engineering Co.: Autoclavable film
Sklar Mfg. Co., J.: Gravlee Gun automatic umbilical cord tier
Snowden-Pencer Corp.: Instrument-Milk instrument lubricator
Sorensen Co. Inc., C.M.: Post-operative heart surgery chest drainage unit
Southern Cross Mfg.:Low-pressure sterilizer-cooler
Sterilon Corp.: Pediatric hand restraint
Surgical Catalog Co.:Catalogs, want books, etc.
Taylor Instrument Cos.: Tycos line of blood pressure instruments
Texal Co.: Binder-Splint
Torrington Co.: Stainless steel surgeons needles
Tru-Eze Mfg. Co.: Tractomatic portable intermittent traction machine
United Metal Fabricators: Physician's suite
United Surgical Supplies: Balloon catheter closure
Verdolyack Inc., A.G.:Surgical table paper
Vestal Laboratories: Septisol antiseptic skin cream
Walton Laboratories:Cold steam humidifiers
Welch Allyn Inc.: Diagnostic instruments
Wester Bros.: Retractor
Wilson Mfg.: Hospital furniture and equipment
Woodlets Inc.:Air-San waste receptacle