Novation Awards Non-Hospital Contracts

Edition: April 2002 - Vol 10 Number 04
Article#: 1212
Author: Repertoire

Physician, long-term-care and home-care members of Novation will have their choice of three authorized distributors, according to new agreements signed by Novation, the Irving, TX-based supply company of VHA and the University HealthSystem Consortium. The GPO awarded new distribution agreements to 11 distribution companies. Non acute care members of HealthCare Purchasing Partners International, another GPO owned by VHA and UHC, will also have access to the agreements. Members were scheduled to begin selecting their new distribution partners on March 15.

"VHA, UHC, and HPPI members have continually expressed a strong desire to have a choice in selecting distribution partners,'' Jill Dillon, vice president of contract services, was quoted as saying. “Through this program, Novation strives to provide the flexibility to develop partnerships that enhance and streamline supply chain processes, driving additional value to VHA, UHC, and HPPI members." said Jill Dillon.

Established in January 1998, Novation serves the purchasing needs of more than 2,300 members and affiliates of VHA and UHC, as well as 5,400 members and clients of HPPI. Novation manages more than $19 billion in annual sales.

The distributors are:
1. Allegiance Healthcare
2. Direct Medical
3. Kreisers Inc.
4. Medline Industries
5. PSS
6. Seneca Medical
7. Shared Service Systems


1. Allegiance Healthcare
2. Buffalo Hospital Supply
3. Caligor Medical Supply
4. Gulf South Medical Supply
5. Kreisers Inc.
6. Medline Industries
7. Seneca Medical
8. Shared Service Systems

Home care:

1. Allegiance Healthcare
2. Buffalo Hospital Supply
3. Kreisers Inc.
4. Medical Specialties Distributors
5. Medline Industries

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