Baseball Trivia

Edition: April 2002 - Vol 10 Number 04
Article#: 1202
Author: Repertoire

In the spirit of our baseball theme, here are some trivia questions for you to test your knowledge of the All-American pastime:

1. Since 1913, only 8 players have led their league in batting average and led their league in bases on balls in the same season. Can you name them?
2. Who was the player that was the 3000th strikeout victim of both Nolan Ryan and Bob Gibson?
3. Name the 3 men to manage their team against their son in a regular season major league game.
4. Can you name the 7 pitchers who have 100 wins or more in both the American League & the National League?
5. Who hit the first grand slam in World Series history and what year?
6. Who was the first switch-hitter to be inducted into the Hall of Fame?
7. Can you name the only pitcher to win 25 games and strikeout 300 batters and not win the Cy Young Award? (Since 1956)
8. Who holds the record for the most seasons played on the same team?
A. George Brett (Kansas City Royals)
B. Stan Musial (St. Louis Cardinals)
C. Brooks Robinson (Baltimore Orioles)
D. Lou Gehrig (New York Yankees)
E. Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs)
9. Name the 3 shortstops who have hit 30 or more homers in a season twice.
10. Who was the first right handed batter to have 200 or more hits in 5 consecutive years in the American League?
11. What father-and-son combo has the most career home runs?
12. Who was the first National Leaguer to hit 500 home runs?
13. What pitcher was on the mound when Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak came to an end?
14. What two players have won two Triple Crowns?
15. Who was the first hitter to reach
1,000 strikeouts?
1,500 strikeouts?
16. When was the first MLB game televised?
Which two teams played?
Which ballpark was it played?
17. Rank each player according to their highest number of home runs in a season:
A. Hank Aaron
B. Willie Mays
C. Jimmie Foxx
D. Roger Maris
E. Babe Ruth
18. Can you name the last player to lead the Majors in homers and win the World Series in the same season?
19. Name the two teammates who combined to strikeout the most batters in a single season combined.
20. This player knocked in six RBI during a single game of the 1960 fall classic. Who is he?

Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Rogers Hornsby, Arky Vaughn and Richie Ashburn.
2. Cesar Geronimo
3. Maury Wills, Felipe Alou, Buddy Bell
4. Al Orth, Cy Young, Ferguson Jenkins, Nolan Ryan, Jim Bunning, Dennis Martinez, Gaylord Perry
5. Elmer Smith – Cleveland Indians (1920)
6. Franki Frisch
7. Mickey Lolich in 1971
8. C. Brooks Robinson played 23 years for the Baltimore Orioles
9. Vern Stephens, Ernie Banks, Alex Rodriguez
10. Al Simmons; 1929-1933
11. Bobby and Barry Bonds, 332 and 567. They also have the most RBIs and stolen base of any father-son duo.
12. Mel Ott in 1945
13. Jim Bagby, Cleveland Indians
14. Rogers Hornsby in 1922 and '25 and Ted Williams in 1942 and '47.
15. Babe Ruth reached 1,000 in 1930 (1,330 - lifetime) and Mickey Mantle reached 1,500 in 1966 (1710 - lifetime)
16. August 26, 1939, Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Cincinnati Reds at Ebbets Field.
17. D. Roger Maris, 61 in 1961; E. Babe Ruth, 60 in 1927; C. Jimmie Foxx, 58 in 1932
B. Willie Mays, 52 in 1965; A. Hank Aaron, 47 in 1971
18. Mike Schmidt, 1980
19. Curt Schilling, 293 and Randy Johnson, 372 during the 2001 season for the Arizona Diamondbacks for a total of 665.
20. Bobby Richardson of the New York Yankees knocked in six during game 3. Four came on a fourth inning grand slam. Richardson had only one HR during the regular season. In that series he became the only player from a losing team to be World Series MVP.