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Edition: March 2002 - Vol 10 Number 03
Article#: 1174
Author: Repertoire

Effectively Managing Your Rep Network - a special workshop for healthcare manufacturers will kick off HIRA's Management Conference in July. The featured speaker is Phyllis Jones, Vice President Sales, The Americas, Bourns, Inc. who has twenty-three years of experience working with reps. Motivation, management techniques, planning and communication will be highlighted. Mark your calendar for Friday, July 19, 9:00am to Noon, for this outstanding workshop!

Case Study: How Reps Work with Manufacturers
by Tom Vollmer, CPMR
Provision Associates of Minneapolis, MN, provides insight into how a manufacturers' representative firm operates and how sales are created for the firms that they represent
Provision currently has both outside sales people and inside sales support staff. Each employee has a minimum of 10 years of sales experience, and several have over 30 years in medical sales. The outside sales people focus on detail selling to end-user facilities and promotional activities directly at influential sources in facilities. At the dealer level, they train appropriate personnel wherever they find them.

In general, the company functions as a conduit between manufacturers and their customers. The inside sales support people provide an easy and pleasant order entry point for anyone that wants to place an order. Additionally they answer questions, correct problems or mistakes, direct sales leads and inquiries as well as provide marketing support with directed mailings, faxes and emails.

All of these activities are effectively accomplished using the company's resources. Those resources include an extensive database that includes hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, distributors and dealers -- plus the people within these organizations that can make business decisions. Such a database allows monitoring what our customers purchase, when they purchased it, where it was shipped, and almost any other information that is pertinent to successfully growing our client firm's business.

In order to insure that Provision continues to work as efficiently as possible, the staff participates in various educational programs. Do consider attending the special workshop ''Effectively Managing Your Rep Network'' during the HIRA Conference in Atlanta.

Health Industry Representatives Association (HIRA)

HIRA focuses on promoting the independent manufacturers' representative function within the healthcare industry to manufacturers and customers. Its members include independent sales agencies located across the nation who offer manufacturers a professional, highly qualified sales force, and manufacturers who utilize independent reps. Membership is also open to companies providing services and supplies to healthcare marketers. HIRA provides networking opportunities at face-to-face appointment sessions and lines available emails, publishes a directory of reps with the markets they cover, and offers specific information useful to the industry such as sample contracts.

Visit HIRA at www.hira.org or call 1-800-777-4472 for more information.
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Dear Colleague:

It is with great pleasure that we inaugurate this bi-monthly page of the Health Industry Representatives Association (HIRA). In conversations with the publishers of Repertoire, we agreed that a focus on effectively managing an independent rep network would be useful information for those in the industry. The information that we will provide will be beneficial to all who have interest in the supply chain of medical products. We are an association of not only manufacturers' representatives but of manufacturers as well. This page will summarize views of both reps and manufacturers on how best to communicate, motivate and utilize independent reps. Your opinions will be welcome!


Harold Pate
Pate & Lester Co.
President, HIRA