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Edition: February 2002 - Vol 10 Number 02
Article#: 1169
Author: Repertoire

The time is 4:15 pm on any given Wednesday. Your voicemail has at least 10 new messages, your pager has gone off twice due to either an incorrect order being delivered to an account, a

customer has called to inquire (read: complain) about a back order from 2 weeks ago. You have 10 more accounts to see before 5pm, between placing orders, researching information and completing quotes, you have about 3 hours of work to do tonight. Can you get all this done in time? Is there ever enough time to do everything?

They say the best distributor reps work smart. They get a majority of things accomplished in the least amount of time. To do this they have to be organized, educated and equipped.

The Education Online Website was created for this very purpose. One website to get product training, manufacturer information, industry information and sales tools like MSDS sheets and CPT codes. You can find and print information sheets and sales literature when you need it, get questions answered at 11:30 at night and acquire information to help you keep up (hopefully get ahead) of your competition.

Internet learning is a new concept in our industry and there are those reps that tell us they ''don't have time to log on, they are too busy selling''. A valid statement. But my question is are they really selling? Or are they just taking orders and trying to keep up? I don't believe these people are working smart. They are just working.

Below we share some of the comments from reps that believe in the value and time saving capabilities of EOL1. We would like to hear your opinions as well. Log on to EOL1.com and reach us through the Contact Us section.

We'd like to share with you what your colleagues have to say about online training at EOL1.

''I have found EOL1 to be a very user-friendly way to keep up to date on new equipment. I like the fact that the training modules teach you what types of questions you should be asking your customers regarding a certain procedure.

It is a very convenient way to work at your own pace and keep up to speed with the new technology available to the office based physician. I often utilize the sales tools such as CPT coding and reimbursement.''

--John Ossim, Caligor

''Your EOL on-line product training modules are my ''Cliff Notes''! The time & energy spent ''wading'' through stacks of literature is demotivating, and can take the fun & spontaneity out of selling. This training tells me what a product does, who needs it & why, and how it will enhance their practice.''

--Junemarie Bowling, McKesson

''One thing I learned on this side of the fence is that time is not in our favor. Time to see all of our accounts, time to put out all the fires, time to demo all the products that make sense to each physician we see, time to learn our product line deeper than a passing comfort level, etc.
When we hold sales meetings and 8 manufacturer reps throw stuff at us, it ends up in a stack and we only focus on what is an immediate need. Where I love EOL, is that you can access that information when you need it, it is easy to use and the format is consistent, so you know what you are getting.
It is all about enhancing awareness or mind share and EOL helps do that. Personally, I love it. If I can get online and catch up with these things at night, it is time well spent.''
--Brian Hanson, Sales Leader, PSS, San Diego

Module Update
Referencing 'Still Stuck on Needle Safety' (pg 30-32), EOL1 has two manufacturers with Safety Product Training.
Terumo has launched a training piece on Surguard Needles and is planning a blood collection module to launch by April.
Due online this March, BD has created a ''super'' module featuring various safety products for safety skin injection, safety skin infusion and blood collection.

Bayer Diagnostics will launch an Online Product Training module for a new urinalysis product that will be first line testing in the early detection of kidney disease. It will be released in early February and will be followed up by an additional urinalysis-training module.

Featured Product of the Month
(Distributor reps who complete the self check on the featured product during the month of will be entered in a drawing for $100.)
February: Sempermed Gloves

Sempermed offers a broad scope of products to meet most customers' needs: exam and sterile, latex and non-latex, powdered and powder-free. Learn how to sell your share of the 1 billion dollar medical glove market.

Featured Manufacturer of the Month
(Distributor reps who visit the OnLine Customer Service module of our featured manufacturer during the month will be entered in a drawing for $100.)
February: Western Medical Bandages and Dressings
Western Medical's Online Customer Service is your source for information about Unna Boot bandages, tubular retention, compression, and support dressings.

Congratulations to the winner of our December Product of the Month drawing for $100.00:
Henry Tonarely, McKesson!!

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