Test Your Knowledge

Edition: February 2002 - Vol 10 Number 02
Article#: 1167
Author: Repertoire

If you're a veteran of this business, you may know the answer to many of these questions. If not, consult with an old fart. (We would be happy to give you a few names.) These questions were put together by a group of scholars for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” at the Fall Conference of the Healthcare Manufacturers Marketing Council, Chicago, Nov. 8-9. The emcee for the show was none other than the beloved Dr. Ben, the self-proclaimed sultan of sigmoidoscopy. Ben's performance was flawless, with one exception: He mistakenly referred to the group – whose acronym is HMMC – as “How to Manage My Colon.” For the correct answers, see page 52.

1. Which of the following companies is NOT owned by Tyco?
a) Sherwood Medical
b) C.R. Bard
c) W.A. Baum Co.
d) Mallinckrodt

2. What was Midmark Corp.'s first name?
a) IE Industries
b) EIEIO Inc.
c) The Kitzmiller Company
d) Welch Allyn

3. In 1980, Healthco Inc. sold its medical division. What was its new name?
a) Foster Medical
b) General Medical
c) Titus & Sons
d) Avon Medical

4. For what company did John Sasen (currently executive vice president for PSS World Medical) work prior to joining PSS?
a) Ethicon
b) Clay Adams
c) Invacare
d) Apria Health

5. Who was the only baseball player to play in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s?
a) Ted Williams
b) Hoyt Wilhelm
c) Satchel Paige
d) Minnie Minoso

6. Which HMMC member played football for Duke University?
a) Alex Carayannopoulos (Lakeside Mfg)
b) Charlie Higgins (Rusch Inc.)
c) Don Denne (Alba Health Products)
d) Herb Harwood (Detecto Scale)

7. Which two companies does Broadlane negotiate on behalf of?
a) AmeriNet and Kaiser
b) Tenet and NME
c) Kaiser and Tenet
d) Siegfried and Roy

8. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” believed that the body has four humours, and that illness occurred if one was out of balance. Which of the following is one of them?
a) Phlegm
b) Poop
c) Bone
d) Earwax

9. Before HIDA became HIDA, what was its acronym?

10. Neoforma is aligned with which group purchasing organization?
a) AmeriNet
b) Premier
c) Novation
d) None

11. Where did Regis Philbin, host of TV's “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” go to college?
a) Fordham U.
b) Notre Dame
c) NYU
d) Southern Illinois University

12. PSS is generally regarded as the first national physician distribution company. But another company came very close to achieving this goal in the 1960s and 1970s. Which was it?
a) Foxmeyer
b) Whittaker
c) A.S. Aloe
d) Bang + Olefsun

13. What instrument does Rob Saron of Aaron Medical play?
a) Mandolin
b) Fiddle
c) Piano
d) Kazoo

14. Which owner of a distribution company has a brother who played professional baseball with teammates Willie McCovey and Dave Winfield?
a) Ted Almon (Claflin Co.)
b) Alan Grogan (Grogan's Healthcare Supply)
c) Gil Minor (Owens & Minor)
d) Ted Pacha (Heartland Medical Supply)

15. What was the first device produced by Dr. Francis Welch and William Noah Allyn in 1915?
a) Periscope
b) Ophthalmoscope
c) Speculum
d) Laryngoscope

16. Who is the Year 2001 president of the National Materials Management Association?
a) Dee Donatelli
b) Patrick Wirfel
c) Guy Lombardo
d) Steve Goetz

17. Which independent distributor challenged in court American Hospital Supply's 3.5-year contract with VHA that was signed in 1979?
a) Biddle & Crowther
b) White & White
c) Atlantic
d) Harris

18. Which three regional distributors sold their businesses in the same week to General Medical?
a) Eastern, Koley's and Deckert
b) Deckert, Titus and Durr
c) Foster, Titus and Randolph
d) Tinker, Evers and Chance

19. Which one of the following helped found today's Premier Inc?
a) Voluntary Hospitals of America
b) SunHealth
c) Shared Services Healthcare
d) Yankee Alliance

20. Which of the following is generally acknowledged as the “Father of the Internet”?
a) Al Gore
b) Vinton Cerf
c) Bennett Cerf
d) Werner von Braun

21. The new patient privacy law is known as:

22. In what capacity did Medical Distribution Hall of Fame Inductee DeWight Titus begin his health care career?
a) Pharmacist
b) Nurse
c) Radiology technician
d) Hospital purchasing agent

23. What is unique about Repertoire co-founder Brian Taylor's putting stroke?
a) He putts with a martini in one hand.
b) He putts with one hand in his pocket.
c) He putts with one eye closed.
d) He putts with both hands behind his back.

24. Which of the following was NOT one of the first regional distribution agents for the VHA Supply Company?
a) Burrows Co.
b) Eastern Hospital Supply
c) Colonial Hospital Supply
d) Owens & Minor

25. With which acquisition did American Hospital Supply begin its first foray into non-hospital care?
a) Taylor Medical
b) Bergen Medical
c) Will Ross
d) 3Ci

26. What is the name of AmeriNet's purchasing program for IDNs?
a) Target
b) Choice
c) Options
d) Elite

27. Who was the original owner of IMCO, the distributor buying group?
a) Bill McLaughlin
b) Richard Appel
c) John McGuire
d) Richard Petty

28. How did current PSS President Doug Harper make a living prior to getting into medical products distribution?
a) Golf pro
b) Costume designer
c) Blues guitarist
d) Pet shop owner