Internal Medicine Latest Initiative for PSS

Edition: February 2002 - Vol 10 Number 02
Article#: 1152
Author: Repertoire

PSS reps took another step toward becoming disease-management sales consultants at the company's recent national sales meeting, held immediately after the HIDA Conference in San Diego.

The reps received three hours of training on the newest module of the company's SRx initiative, on internal medicine. SRx is the company's newly launched disease-management approach to selling. The name stands for ''specialty solutions,'' where the ''S'' stands for specialty and the ''Rx'' for solutions, its traditional meaning. It calls for reps to delay introducing products until they understand who their customer is and what disease states he or she is primarily treating. Products are introduced only in the context of what the doctor needs to evaluate and manage those diseases. (See October 2001 Repertoire.) Prior to the module on internal medicine, the company had introduced modules on family practice, safety and OB/GYN.

At the meeting, titled ''Surf's Up,'' HIDA's Elizabeth Hilla expressed appreciation for PSS showing up in force to support the association's conference. In addition to some music and volleyball (with PSS Los Angeles emerging as the overall winner, followed by Houston), the conference featured performance awards.

Eagle Award Winners
--Sales Representative: Peter Burke, PSS Portland; Rick Schmelzer, PSS Chicago.
--Operations: Mike Baker, PSS Los Angeles; Frank Vasquez, PSS Chicago.
--Leader: David Marriott, PSS Houston; Steve Tarantino, PSS Norfolk.
--Manufacturer Representative: Troy Smith, Abbott.

The company also gave an Eagle Award in memory of Michael Brown, a PSS rep in Roanoke, VA, who died of cancer. His brother, John Scott Blake, who also works at PSS Roanoke, accepted the award in his brother's name.

Other Awards
--Manufacturer Award of Excellence (which recognizes the reps' choice for top breakout at the company's 2000 sales meeting in Reno): Elan Diagnostics.
--Industry Award of Achievement: Ray Huff, PSS Atlanta.