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Edition: January 2002 - Vol 10 Number 01
Article#: 1148
Author: Repertoire

When we launched EOL1 a year ago, it was with the hope that it would serve as a useful tool for learning and increasing the field sales reps' product and industry knowledge. For many sales people, it has become a regular part of their business regimen, whether it be for learning about a new product, sourcing a CPT code, or locating an MSDS sheet for a customer. Along the way, we have also learned a lot about how to maximize the benefits that are available. In this space, we will try to bring you updates and pointers that will be useful to distributor sales people in using EOL to your advantage. Becky Banaszak, EOL's General Manager, was a distributor sales rep for four years before joining us here. She knows the ropes, so to speak, and can speak to the needs of a distributor rep from the perspective of having been there herself. Thus, beginning next month, she will fill this space with tips and tidbits on how to make EOL your friend and ultimately improve your own performance in the field. I think you will find it worth the visit.

Thanks for your support.

WEBSITE INFO: EOL1 distributor entry pages are now updated to give participating sales reps additional site access directly from your company's entry page. This will make it easier for the EOL1 users to navigate areas of the site, such as MSDS information, OSHA issues, CPT Codes, ICD-9s, promotions, and current news. In addition, it now directly links users with a contact at EOL1. And please, if you have suggestions on how to further improve your learning experience at EOL1, call us!

NEW USERS: The EOL1 Community is growing! Our core group of 1,500 sales reps who have used EOL1 to learn more about the products they sell, are being joined by an additional 1,600 sales reps, many of whom will enter through their company's custom designed entry pages and learning portals. EOL1's goal is to create unique individual learning experiences that reflect the core values of their companies.

Physician Sales & Service recently completed its own customized learning portal, PSS Learning Xchange, which incorporates EOL1 as part of the product learning component. During the HIDA Trade Show, over 600 PSS reps from across the country were introduced to EOL1, and their initial participation into the EOL1 web site has been stellar.

During this past December, EOL1 has been diligently working to enter information on all of the Allegiance sales people. Over 800 reps will be ready to go when Allegiance launches with EOL1 in 2002. This will include the acute care, lab and physician sales reps.

And last, but certainly not least, California-based Professional Hospital Supply has enrolled their sales force in EOL1. They should be ready to actively roll out the training in late January.

FEATURED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: (Distributor reps who complete the self check on the featured product during the month of will be entered in a drawing for $100.)

December: Omron Healthcare: Thermometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Stethoscopes OnLine Product Training Module

Omron focuses on developing quality healthcare products for the medical community and for home use. This course features information about the IntelliSense(tm) Digital Blood Pressure Monitor; the MC-601 3-Way Instant Thermometer; and PureTone(tm), Echo(tm), and Echo+Plus(tm) Series Stethoscopes.

FEATURED MANUFACTURER OF THE MONTH: (Distributor reps who visit the OnLine Customer Service module of featured manufacturer during the month of will be entered in a drawing for $100.) January: Genzyme Diagnostics Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Genzyme Diagnostics OnLine Customer Support is your source for answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about OSOM® and Contrast® brand rapid diagnostics.

---- Look for a new Tool Box Module in January. The Urinalysis module will be great for new reps learning about physician office labs and features information on CLIA regulations.
---- Coming Soon: Bayer Corp and BD

PROMOTIONS: A new promo is around the corner. Look for an announcement towards mid-January. Check out MDSI's Dail-E News for more details or visit www.eol1.com, 'What's New'.

EOL1 FAQ's: -- Can I print information in an OnLine Product Training module? Certainly. To print the entire module (approximately 20 pages), open the module and click on the 'print' button, located below the lesson button on the left of the screen. A print box will open, click 'ok' in that box and the entire module will print.
-- What if I just want to print one page of a module? Open the module and move forward to the page you want to print. Click on the 'print' button. A print box will open. In the 'print range' field of the print box, select 'section' and then click 'ok'.


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