Salary Figures In for 2001

Edition: January 2002 - Vol 10 Number 01
Article#: 1140
Author: Repertoire

The average distributor sales rep makes $61,557 (total compensation), with an average base pay of $43,415, average incentive (commission) of $16,841, and average bonus of $1,301, according to the 2001-2002 Compensation and Benefits Survey of the Health Industry Distributors Association.
The survey, which was mailed out in June 2001, collected information on 59 job titles commonly found in medical products distributors, including sales rep, inside sales rep, sales manager and top sales/marketing executive, as well as a variety of-general and administrative- positions, such as president, general manager, controller, purchasing manager, purchasing agent, etc. Following is a breakdown of some of the findings.
Sales Reps. Among physician-market reps, the average total compensation is $56,744; among hospital reps, $73,335; and among long-term-care reps, $58,628. Perhaps not surprisingly, total compensation rises with the size of the company.
Inside Sales Reps. Among inside sales rep from both the hospital and physician markets, the average total compensation is $36,272, with $32,746 in average base pay; $2,184 in annual incentives; and $1,342 in average annual bonus.
Sales Managers. Among sales managers, the average total compensation is $85,222, with an average base pay of $72,635; average incentive of $1,881, and average annual bonus of $10,706. Those in the physician business do better than their peers in the hospital and long-term-care markets, with average compensation of $90,094, $77,623 and $81,727, respectively. (The companies represented were overwhelmingly in the- more than $30 million- sales category, and more than 90 percent were located in the South.)
Top Sales/Marketing Executives. The average-top sales/marketing executive- makes $123,452, with $104,236 in average base pay; average incentive of $5,542; and average annual bonus of $13,674. (Note that only the hospital and physician markets were represented, as well as only companies with more than $11 million in annual sales). The duties of the top sales/marketing executive were defined as --accountab[ility] for the development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies, selection and retention of sales and marketing staff, supervision of advertising, guidance and direction of direct sales activities, and all reporting and controls which are generated for tracking and performance review purposes.
Customer Service Managers. Among customer service managers, the average total compensation is $42,107, with $40,338 in average base pay and $1,769 in average bonuses.
Warehouse or Operations Managers. Among warehouse or operations managers, the average compensation is $49,903. The job was defined as accountab[ility] for supervising warehouse activities; facilitating the timely and cost-effective reception, warehousing and shipment of inventories; contributing to effective inventory control; supervising plant and warehouse staff; and providing for the safe and secure operation of all warehouse activities, equipment, employees and inventory
Warehouse Supervisors-First Line. The average salary for those supervising and maintaining schedules for first-line employees is $34,549.