NCI and MDSI Form Strategic Partnership, Launch New IDN Program

Edition: December 2001 - Vol 9 Number 12
Article#: 1126
Author: Repertoire

Palm Harbor, FL - Norcross, GA --MDSI, a leading healthcare information, communication and education company, and NCI, a leading healthcare consulting company specializing in supply chain, information technology and professional education are pleased to announce a strategic partnership designed to bring value to their respective customers and the healthcare industry as a whole.

The partnership will leverage each company's strengths and areas of expertise. NCI will work with MDSI in developing the next generation of information products for The MAX focusing on IDNs, as well as CEO, CFO and CIO issues within the hospital. ''With NCI's expertise in Market Penetration Strategies, especially in understanding and tracking the dynamics of IDNs, they can immediately increase the value of our offering,'' said Chris Kelly, president of MDSI. ''It's an exciting partnership that strengthens our information and data offering, as well as the content in our publications.''

MDSI will be an active participant in NCI's educational events, including The Healthcare Executive Forum, providing expertise on information and data healthcare suppliers can use to drive profitability. MDSI will also offer custom marketing campaigns designed to reach business partners and customers for NCI clients. ''We are very enthusiastic about this partnership because it really enhances the abilities of both companies to serve the industry,'' said Greg Firestone, CEO of NCI. ''MDSI provides the reach, as well as some incredible tools that we can put to use for our clients.''

A key component of the partnership is a new educational series that will begin in 2002 called Building a Successful IDN Program. The meeting format will combine NCI's market knowledge base, MDSI's market information, and IDN executives providing first-hand insight. The program will help companies develop meaningful guidelines and business relationships with some of the industry's most prominent IDN's. Initial surveys have indicated many of NCI's and MDSI's customers are hungry for information that will be helpful in building successful IDN strategies. And according to Firestone, ''these meetings are being developed to specifically bridge the gap to produce healthy-profitable relationships.'' The first program will be held prior to the Healthcare Executive Forum on January 12, 2002 at the Saddleback Resort in Tampa, Florida.

MDSI is the publisher of Repertoire Magazine, First Moves Magazine, The Health Strategist, Major Account News and The Dail-E News, its industry wide e-mail news service. It also provides cutting edge information through The MAX, its online information resource that profiles 2,600 corporate accounts, including IDNs and GPOs, 5,200 hospitals and 321 Metropolitan Statistical Areas. In addition, MDSI's Education OnLine division provides web-based product training for sales reps and providers. They can be reached at 800-536-5312 or on the web at

NCI is a healthcare consulting company specializing in supply chain, information technology and professional education. For over 15 years NCI has helped put profitable ideas into practice for its clients. NCI's focus has been to help clients with increasing revenue, improving market effectiveness and efficiency, and optimizing resource allocation for an improved bottom line. Its Professional Educational Forums provide current information on the developing healthcare industry, including expanding the executive reach to hospital CFOs and CEOs from the rapidly growing IDN market. They can be reached at 727-773-8824 on the web at