Get Those Hall of Fame Nominations In!

Edition: December 2001 - Vol 9 Number 12
Article#: 1120
Author: Repertoire

Our vibrant industry owes a debt of gratitude to the determined, energetic and service-minded men and women who have given much to it. They grew their companies, and in the process, grew an industry too.

They are the reason why Repertoire created the Distribution Hall of Fame. Last January we inducted the first three members: Jim Stover, DeWight Titus and George Blowers. With your help, we'll welcome more inductees this coming February.

Please accept our invitation to submit your nomination for the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame. (Please limit yourself to one nominee.) Your nominee can be from either the manufacturing or distribution community. All nominees should have a sphere of influence that extends (or extended, if the person is retired or deceased) beyond his or her own company. Specifically, nominations should spell out the nominee's:

-Contributions to the industry

-Contributions to his or her own company

-Lasting impact on our industry.

Send the nominations to:
Lea Sharp, Managing Editor-Repertoire Magazine
6825 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Ste. 1400
Norcross, GA 30071
Thank you!