''Exploring New Dimensions in Healthcare'' at LABSCO's National Sales Meeting

Edition: December 2001 - Vol 9 Number 12
Article#: 1118
Author: Repertoire

Not much has changed at LABSCO since its inception in 1972. Sure, a lot of things are different- the products it carries are more sophisticated, their customers are more demanding and they cover a lot more geography. But the basic principles of dogmatic owner Charlie Davis, who has run the business in a hands-on way for almost 30 years, remain steadfast.

Davis is old school- you are rewarded for working hard, playing hard, persevering, and getting product sold. Their 2001 National Sales Meeting, which was held on October 7-11, was in many ways a reflection of the unique entrepreneurial culture Davis has helped build over the last three decades.

Today LABSCO is a $60 million Louisville, KY- based lab and med/surg distributor with over 80 sales reps. It has grown from its Kentucky roots into a company that now covers 43 different states selling into alternate care, hospital labs and reference labs. The key to their growth according to Davis is service. ''We give our customers what they need, when they need it- something the big boys have trouble doing.''

Their annual sales meeting, as one would expect, is also old school. The agenda is aggressive, with sales reps required to spend quality time learning from 70 different manufacturers. Oh, and all of it is in suits and ties. ''We want to make sure our vendors understand that we take our meeting seriously and appreciate their support,'' says Brad Thompson, LABSCO's director of marketing. ''So we're on time, attentive and dressed for business.''

The evening activities are a little more relaxed though (no suit and tie required!). With vendor appreciation dinners, cruises on the Ohio River and even events in downtown Louisville's Science Center, there is plenty of food and drink. There is also plenty of cash. During their awards ceremony at Kunz's restaurant, a local hotspot, LABSCO gave away $40,000 in prizes to its top producing sales reps and managers.

Davis, who helped hand out the cash with his young grandson, kicked off the night by telling the audience, ''I don't want to hear any complaining about the same people taking home the prize money every year, its available to you too. The people taking home the money tonight deserve it. They're on top because they outwork their competition.'' All of you have that same opportunity.'' Words to live by at LABSCO. Amen.


Four Million Dollar Sales Club:
- Jayne Lancaster

Two Million Dollar Sales Club:
- Tom Dailey
- Paul Thompson

Million Dollar Sales Club:
- Charles E. Davis, Sr.
- Billy Riddle
- Ron Luttrell
- Robbie Wiedenhoeft
- Lana Hutchison
- Ed Byrd
- Jim Biffle
- Bob Riewer
- Jennifer Jergens
- Barry Alsop
- Tim Syfert
- Randy Mather
- Davis Farney
- Scott Rohrman
- Mike Sandulo

Top Gross Profit Producers:
- Jayne Lancaster
- Tom Dailey

Highest Gross Profit Producers:
Rick Payne
- Dick Poe

Top Instrument Sales Award:
Bob Riewer
- Tom Dailey

Top Inside Sales Producer:
Mark Carpenter

Manufacturer of the Year:
Bayer Diagnostics