Editor's Pick: The Year's Top Stories

Edition: December 2001 - Vol 9 Number 12
Article#: 1115
Author: Repertoire

1. Three inducted into Medical Distribution Hall of Fame
Picking up on a cue from CIDA's Kevin Neuman, Repertoire launched the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame. Its first three inductees were: 1) George Blowers, former sales manager, vice president of sales, executive vice president and trainer par excellence for Welch Allyn; 2) Jim Stover, second-generation leader of the William T. Stover Company in Little Rock, AR; chairman of HIDA in 1982; president of HIDA from 1987 to 1993; and now president of NDC in Nashville, TN; and 3) DeWight Titus, former head of F.D. Titus & Sons, former HIDA chairman, former chairman of the HIDA Educational Foundation, and industry role model.

2. Ventro closes down Promedix
Ventro's decision to close down Promedix seemed to prove that B2B marketplaces not based in existing bricks-and-mortar businesses would have a rough time of it.

3. GPOs venture into non-hospital markets
Beyond the hospital walls lies a great big ----albeit fragmented ---- world of health care, and GPO entrepreneurs were working hard to tap into it: Jennie Simmons, Surgery Center Consultants; John Sganga, Innovatix; and Ed Alford, ViaCentric.

4. Allegiance buys 3Ci
In March, Allegiance bought Norcross, GA-based 3Ci in an effort to tap into what it estimated to be a $2 billion U.S. respiratory care market.

5. Dirksmeier named president of McKesson Medical Surgical
A former sales rep for Stuart Medical, Fran Dirksmeier began his tenure as president of McKesson Medical Surgical with a vision of operational excellence.

6. Tyco becomes a juggernaut
In 1997, Tyco International Chief Executive L. Dennis Koslowski talked about ''building a sizable position in the market for disposable medical supplies.'' The following year, Tyco began a shopping spree that was still going strong in 2001.

7. Long-term-care industry fights back
Suffering from a rise in cited deficiencies, a labor shortage and a tight-fisted government, the long-term-care industry mounted a counterattack.

8. PSS World Medical is a survivor
After allowing Wall Street to dictate its course, PSS set an aggressive course for the future. Four key initiatives were SRx, a disease management approach to selling; myPSS.com, the company's electronic ordering system; i2, an automated system to coordinate the distributor's and manufacturers' selling efforts; and the creation of six strategic business units in the company's imaging business

9. New faces in distribution
New faces, new blood, new companies rejuvenated an old business. Profiled were Ted Pacha, Heartland Medical Supply; Tom Carter, Island Medical; and Julian Shaya, J&B Medical.

10. Flu vaccine questions linger
Physicians worried about a repeat of last year's flu vaccine shortage.

11. Linda Phillips receives Excellence in Sales Award
For McKesson Extended Care sales rep Linda Phillips, knowledge leads to respect, which leads to trust, which leads to long-term relationships.

12. Taking care of business on 9/11 and after
Suppliers and buyers did what they do best- take care of people- in the midst of heart-stopping tragedy.